Press conference @ HFF Munich, April 24, 11:00 a.m.


DOK.fest München is Germany's largest documentary film festival showcasing the highlights of current documentary filmmaking – at the main event in May and throughout the year. Anually in May the festival presents about 130 international documentary films on the big screen at 20 partner venues in the centre of Munich. The programme is divided into four main competitions and nine series. After two online editions, the festival has been held as a dual event since 2022: on the big screen in the cinema as well as on the digital screen @home. The 39th edition is scheduled for May 1-12 in cinemas and additional May 6-20 @home with selectied films online throughout Germany. Browse the programme here.

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LineUp German productions and co-productions [WORK IN PROGRESS]:










VFF Documentary Film Production Award focuses on the work of documentary film producers is sponsored by the VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film und Fernsehproduzenten mbH and is endowed with € 7,500.–. This year's award goes to producer Oliver Stoltz for the documentary VENEZUELA: COUNTRY OF LOST CHILDREN | LAND DER VERLORENEN KINDER by directors Juan Camilo Cruz and Marc Wiese. Oliver Stoltz produced the film with his company Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion GmbH. From the jury statement: "It is impressive to see the adverse conditions under which Oliver Stoltz and his team made this film: Without the protection of a gang of youths, filming on location would have been too dangerous; professional camera equipment had to be smuggled in over the border. In a country where foreign camera teams are monitored at every turn, a project like this can only succeed with the utmost conspiracy. To this end, the producer used a local crew. Oliver Stoltz has proven to have nerves of steel and deserves public recognition for the successful completion of this film: in this case, the VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2024."
The award ceremony and the German premiere of VENEZUELA: COUNTRY OF LOST CHILDREN | LAND DER VERLORENEN KINDER will take place on Tuesday, 7 May at HFF Munich.



Nominees are the following films with outstanding creative significance of the production:






DOK.edit Award is endowed with € 5000.- and aims to shed light on the post-production of documentaries and to honor the work of editors. The nominated films will be presented at #DOKfest2024 with extended Q&As with the DOK.edit jury and the respective editor. Among the six nominated documentaries are the following three German productions and co-productions.






Annualy the GERMAN DOCUMENTARY FILM MUSIC AWARD honours a composition that connects with the documentary film narrative in an outstanding way. The award is endowed with € 5,000.- and is sponsored by Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung. And the winner 2024 is Atena Eshtiaghi for original score of MY STOLEN PLANET by Farahnaz Sharifi. The award ceremony, incuding the screening of the film, is scheduled for May 5, 2024, 8 p.m. at HFF Munich.

From the jury statement: "The film music avoids the conventions of illustrative film music and instead uses silence as a stylistic device for this equally radical and personal film. Atena Eshtiaghi gives strong expression to the messages of uncensored life by accompanying the images with minimalist patterns rather than pathetically exaggerating them. This creates a sense of distance and, at the same time, creates periods of time in which a great sadness is inscribed. Eshtiaghi's music does not coat the film in a pleasing rhythm, rather it emphasises the heterogeneity and creates a resonance space for what the film is about through its precise texture: Isolation, resistance, hope."







 May 1–7, 2024

In panels, workshops and other public events, the Perspectives invite you to develop visions and impulses for the future of documentary film and to explore relevant questions of media policy.
As a market for co-creation and co-production, the Marketplace offers various formats for the further development and realisation of new documentary film projects.

Over the past 10 years, the has established itself as a fixed meeting place and relevant networking opportunity for the German-speaking industry – with a growing range of offers for international filmmakers.


Among the seven Master's Pitch projects are two German (co)productions:

  • SILENT WAR by the directors and producers Dirk van den Berg, OutreMer Film, Berlin & Pascal Verroust K2 Productions, Paris. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, over 2000 nuclear devices have detonated on Earth, labeled as "tests." This film unveils Prof. Robert Jacobs’ groundbreaking research of the Cold War's darkest secret: all nuclear powers ruthlessly experimented on their people, weaving a decades-long tale of deception and lies with countless victims, in a SILENT WAR.
  • OUR SISTER ANGELA – BLACK POWER IN THE GDR by Katharina Warda and Jascha Hannover, producer André Schäfer, Florianfilm GmbH,  In the 1970s, an enthusiastic solidarity movement for Black civil rights activist Angela Davis emerges in the GDR. She attracts tens of thousands of people during her visits to the country. But all this enthusiasm is deceptive. Co-director Katharina Warda tells this often-overlooked piece of Black East German history from her personal perspective. archive with an overview of past projects and events.

DOK.archive Award includes German productions and co-productions such as:
• MOTHER/TONGUE by Mala Reinhardt
• OUR SISTER ANGELA – BLACK POWER IN THE GDR by Katharina Warda, Jascha Hannover, P: Florianfilm GmbH,

DOK.composition Award The best musical concept for a documentary film will be endowed with €2,500 sponsored by Sonoton Music. Out of the five selected documentareis, the two selected German productions are:
SCHWARZER FLUSS – RIO NEGRO by Anna-Sophia Richard, 90min, P: sehstern Filmproduktion,
NO PLACE LIKE HOME (WT) by Daniel Abma, Composer: Henning Fuchs, P: Bandenfilm,



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