• Democracy Noir

    Democracy Noir

Democracy Noir

by Connie Field

Democracy Noir

USA, Germany, Denmark | 2024 | 113:00 min

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Three brave women are fighting to expose the corruption and incremental destruction of democracy in Viktor Orbán's Hungary - a white nationalist regime that is the envy of authoritarian movements around the world.

Few politicians in the 21st century have been as corrupt and adept at undermining democracy as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Orbán is a hero to his country’s Christian conservative population, and a role model for the right-wing political movement in Europe and for Donald Trump in the US. Orbán takes careful, methodical steps to dismantle Hungarian democratic institutions while maintaining his popularity with a majority of citizens. Oscar-nominated director Connie Field follows three courageous women – opposition politician Timea, journalist Babett and nurse Nikoletta (Niko) – who fight tirelessly to expose the lies and corruption embedded in Orbán’s government. But they face a well-funded and sophisticated opposition in Orbán’s ultra-conservative Fidesz party, which has a strong influence on voters and has already changed key democratic constitutional laws to further cement one-party rule. [21 CPH:DOX]
39 DOK.fest Munich – DOK.focus Democrazy
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  • Director Connie Field
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Ma.ja.de. Filmproduktions GmbH
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