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W-film Filmproduktion & Filmverleih

W-film develops and produces documentariesl, features as well as Advertising and image films. In the year 2000 of the producer and director Stephan Winkler based, W-film is today a Germany-far network of creative ones all sections within the range film. The purchase is particularly entitled Humans, their life's works, stories and dreams in the foreground. The topic „ old and young - meeting of the generations ' vacates Stephan Winkler in its still young production company a special Value.

From that experience of several years of the project „NIGHT OF THE SHORTS - Short Film at the Cinema“ and the need unusual film formats in the cinema too bring, became 2003 that W-film Film rental business based. In the middle of 2004 arranged itself with „NIGHT OF THE DOCS – documentary film in the cinema“ beside that Short film label the documentary film label in addition. W-film arranges varied and entertaining programs and this brings on the cinema canvas. Since 2005 W-film has also been active in the feature film sector.

W-film Filmproduktion & Filmverleih

Gotenring 16

50679 Köln | Germany

Phone: +49 221 2221980

Fax: +49 221 2221981

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