37 DOK.fest München, May 4 – 15, 2022 ...and the winners are:  

• VIKTOR DOK.international Main Competition: TRENCHES by Loup Bureau, France
• megaherz Student Award: PUSHING BOUNDARIES by Lesia Kordonets, Switzerland
• VIKTOR DOK.deutsch: ZUSAMMENLEBEN by Thomas Fürhapter, Austria
• VIKTOR DOK.horizonte: NO SIMPLE WAY HOME by Akuol de Mabior, Kenya, South Sudan, South Africa
• FFF-Promotional Award Documentary: HOAMWEH LUNG | HOME SICK LUNGS by Felix Klee, Germany


VIKTOR DOK.international, the main award of 37 DOK.fest Munich goes to the French production TRENCHES by Loup Bureau, who accompanied Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russia-backed separatists in the Donbass. He shows how the soldiers try to lead a reasonably normal everyday life between explosions and enemy attacks. The Berlin based company FILMS BOUTIQUE is in charge of World Sales of the awarded documentary.

TRECHES by Loup Bureau

From the jury statement: "For weeks, months, years, they have been holed up in their trenches. Loup Bureau accompanies them. This undertaking alone is worthy of a prize. But TRENCHES is also a very beautiful film: without any showmanship, with great respect for his protagonists and using black and white footage that emphasises the timelessness of war, Bureau documents life in the trenches, the shovelling of earth and securing of defences that takes place daily, but also the cooking, the cutting of hair, the talking. The calm that Bureau's images radiate is of course a deceptive one and this is something that we, even as viewers, cannot forget for a second. At any moment there can be another attack. And there is. The urgency of the film has increased immeasurably since its completion in 2021."



The Ukrainian director Lesia Kordonets receives the megaherz Student Award for PUSHING BOUNDARIES at the 37 DOK.fest Munich. Editor german documentaries congratulates her and the Swiss producers, AG DOK member Dschoint Ventschr Filmprod.




 All awards and and winners of the 77th DOK.fest München as well as jury statements at one glance.





37 DOK.fest München, May 4 – 15, 2022 in the Munich venues

and May 9 – 22 May 2022 @home! DOK.fest München is taking place for the first time in a dual format, setting the course for the future of the festival: the 124 films from 55 countries will be shown both in Munich on the cinema screen and at home on the digital screen all over Germany. Meaning that the carefully curated film programme will be accessible to even more viewers this year.


LineUp German productions and co-productions

The complete program of the 37th edition DOK.fest Munich for download here.





Find the DOK.forum events at 37 DOK.fest Munich here and/or as PDF here


DOK.series Award
DOK.digital  Award für Neue Erzählformate,
DOK.archive Award 
DOK.talent Award vom Haus des Dokumentarfilms 
DOK.composition Award 
DOK.edit Award

Mentoring- und Festivalawards such as DAE Talent Award, Doc Around Europe Award, Nebulae Project Selection Award und Sunny Side of the Doc Award 
more information here.






New Markets, New Players, New Demands
Neue Märkte, neue Player, neue Anforderungen - Der Boom des Dokumentarischen
A panel discussion by AG DOK – German Documentary Association

Hybrid German-speaking event | THURSDAY May 5, 5 p.m. | HFF KINO 1 [map]

ARD and ZDF are increasingly focusing on non-fictional content in all web channels - fuelled also by the ever-growing streaming competitors. What kind of media and democracy-creating TV world do we want? At what budgets do innovative narrative forms create access to the heterogeneous audience?
This hybrid event will be held in German. To attend on site, please book a free ticket in advance. To participate online, please log in to your account and register via the event page in order to receive the link.  


 MODERATION: Valentin Thurn, AG DOK board member, CEO Thurnfilm.






Diversity in documentary! But how?
Diversität im Dokumentarfilm! Aber wie
A collaborative session by AG DOK, Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen and DOK.fest München on questions of diversity in the German documentary film business 

German-speaking event | SUNDAY May 8, 6 p.m. | HFF KINO 1 [map]

This panel takes a look closer look on structural deficits in the film industry and possible solutions. How can we achieve diversity behind the camera? Whose perspectives has been (re)presented so far and in what form?


MODERATOR: Jochen Hick, director and producer, Galeria Alaska Productions



Diversity in documentary! But how?








Heidi Specogna


Heidi Specogna at DOK.forum
In Heidi Specogna's on-site masterclass on 9 May at 10.00 a.m., the filmmaker opens the doors to one of the most intimate workplaces during the making of a documentary film: the editing room. The format is dedicated to the practical development of a documentary film between the first phase of rough editing and the final shooting. First montages of sequences and editing sketches form the basis for a working discussion between Heidi Specogna and the film team of #HARRAGA – THOSE WHO BURN.

This year DOK.fest München honours the great Swiss filmmaker Heidi Specogna in the HOMMAGE. A filmmaker who focuses on the global south in a special way and is committed to human rights in her films. Six films from four decades of her artistic work are part of the programme. They are Germany/Swiss co-production and four of them are listed in the german documentaries catalogue.









RETROSPECTIVE 2022: The Long Shadow of Franco – On Telling the Untold Past

Franco's legacy – for a long time a culturally untouched, nationwide traume that has become a defining part of Spanish identitiy. Six documentaries from four decades of facing and coping with Franquismo. The programme includes FRANCO ON TRIAL – THE SPANISH NUREMBERG? by Lucia Palacios, Dietmar Post ©2018 The trial became known as the 'Argentine Prosecution', in which a judge from Buenos Aires issued several international arrest warrants against, in part, high-ranking representatives of the Franco dictatorship in 2010. A novelty – due to the 'Pact of Forgetting', all perpetrators have so far remained at large. The film accompanies the efforts to finally bring them to justice.






German Documentary Film Music Award 2022 WINNER.

For the original score to THIS STOLEN COUNTRY OF MINE, Alva Noto aka Carsten Nicolai receives the German Documentary Film Music Award 2022. The film shows the dawn of a new world order: the takeover of an entire country for ruthless economic exploitation. "Alva Noto's music subtly lends intense power to the struggle of a mountain village, sensitively and precisely accentuates the film's disturbing theme – and often brings us closer than we would like", the jury said in its statement. The German Documentary Film Music Award is endowed with 5,000 Euros, donated by the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung and supported by the Förder- und Hilfsfonds des Deutschen Komponistenverbandes.




German Documentary Film Music Award 2022: THE NOMINEES
The German Documentary Film Music Award is sponsored by the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung and endowed with 5,000 Euros.





The VFF Documentary Film Production Award goes to 1001 NIGHTS APART

The award is sponsored by the VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film und Fernsehproduzenten mbH and is endowed with 7,500 Euros. The award is the first in Germany to focus on the work of documentary film producers. In 2022 it will be awarded for the fifth time at DOK.fest München. This year the prize goes to the international co-production 1001 NIGHTS APART. The film was produced by Stefan Tolz and Thomas Riedelsheimer – Filmpunkt GmbH), co-producers are the director Sarvnaz Alambeigi – Rabison Art Production, and the American Louise Rosen. The award ceremony will take place on May 5th at 8:30 p.m. in the Deutsches Theater.


VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2022:
The process of making a documentary film is particularly difficult to plan and often involves great uncertainty. Yet time and again producers demonstrate great courage and show special creativity and commitment in project development and film financing. With the presentation of the VFF Documentary Film Production Award at DOK.fest München, we honour the passionate commitment and the role of producers in the development of current cinema documentary projects.
This year's jury was made up of Frank Müller (filmmaker, producer, editor), Anna Schoeppe (Managing Director of HessenFilm und Medien) and Thomas Frickel (author, director, producer).

 VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2022: The Nominees .

  • 1001 NIGHTS APART by Sarvnaz Alambeigi, 80min, Produzent.innen: Stefan Tolz filmpunkt, Sarvnaz Alambeigi, Louise Rosen, Germany/Iran/USA
  • AMONG US WOMEN by Sarah Noa Bozenhardt und Daniel Abate Tilahun, 93min, Produzentin: Sonja Kilbertus – Evolution Film UG, Germany/Ethiopia
  • BERLIN BYTCH LOVE by Heiko Aufdermauer und Johannes Girke, 86min, Produzenten: Heiko Aufdermauer und Johannes Girke, Germany
  • BLACK MAMBAS by Lena Karbe, 81min, Produzent.innen: Lena Karbe und Jan Vasak – Karbe Film GmbH , South Africa/Germany/France
  • DEAR MEMORIES – Eine Reise mit dem Magnum-Fotografen Thomas Hoepker by Nahuel Lopez, 95min, Produzent.innen: Nahuel Lopez, Katrin Renz und Stefan Jäger, Germany/Switzerland
  • KALLE KOSMONAUT by Tine Kugler und Günther Kurth, 98min, Produzent.innen: Tine Kugler und Günther Kurth – KMOTO Medienproduktion GmbH, Germany
    Produzenten: Florian Schewe – filmfaust GmbH & Stefan Kauertz – Film Five GmbH, Germany
  • VOLKSVERTRETER | VOICE OF THE PEOPLE by Andreas Wilcke, 94min, Produzent: Andreas Wilcke, Germany






Documentary Film Prize of the Goethe-Institut
From 2022 the Goethe-Institut's renowned documentary film award will be presented alternately at DOK.fest München, the DOK Leipzig festival, the Duisburger Filmwoche and the Kasseler Dokfest. The documentary film award of the Goethe-Institut honours an outstanding German documentary film of the current year and is endowed with 2,000 Euros. The Jury 2022: Ameer Masoud, Diana El Jeiroudi, Eva Lautenschlager.

Nominees for the Documentary Film Prize of the Goethe-Institut

  • ALICE SCHWARZER by Sabine Derflinger, 135 min.
  • BERLIN BYTCH LOVE by Heiko Aufdermauer, Johannes Girke, 86 min.
  • DIE AUTOBAHN – KAMPF UM DIE A 49 by Klaus Stern, Frank Marten Pfeiffer, 86 min.
  • EUROPA PASSAGE by Andrei Schwartz, 90 min.
  • KALLE KOSMONAUT by Tine Kugler, Günther Kurth, 99 min
  • PORNFLUENCER by Joscha Bongard, 74min
  • SORRY GENOSSE by Vera Brückner, 94min






The FFF Talent Award Documentary Film, donated by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, honours local up-and-coming directors at DOK.fest Munich. The award is given across all sections and is endowed with 5,000 Euros. The six nominated films A SOUND OF MY OWN by Rebecca Zehr, BLACK MAMBAS by Lena Karbe, HOAMWEH LUNG by Felix Klee, NACH DEM HAPPY END by Katharina Köster, SORRY GENOSSE | SORRY COMRADE by Vera Brückner, and WOID are online from 09 to 22 May online as well as from 04 to 15 May at the Munich venues during the 37 DOK.fest Munich.




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