The 33rd DOK.fest Munich celebrates the cinema experience. See nine strong films from the festival programme on five evenings in the auditorium of Deutsches Theater. Only premieres will be presented for this extraordinary occasion. After the screening, the stage will be handed over to the directors and their team so they can present their film in person. The public, international guests and industry representatives will have the possibility to connect with each other at reception events and to round off the evening's viewing in the Deutsches Theater's courtyard.
The german documentaries in this venue are:

 ·  OVER THE LIMIT by Marta Prus []

 ·  SYSTEM ERROR by Florian Opitz []

 ·  EINEN SOMMER LANG by Georg Michael Fischer [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  THE CLEANERS by Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck []

 ·  FOR IN MY WAY IT LIES by Lukas von Stein [DOK.deutsch]

Cinema history at it's best: 
MAXIM & DOK.fest Munich

From the late 1970s, under the direction of Sigi Daiber, the MAXIM, one of Munich’s oldest cinemas, became a stronghold of alternative film culture and played a part in the beginnings of DOK.fest Munich. When the end of the venue seemed to be inevitable, four cinema enthusiasts reinvented the MAXIM.
The Munich based director & producer Peter Heller tells about it: CINEMA FOR LIFE [MAXIM LEBEN – EIN ALTES KINO ERZÄHLT] More information and pics of the new venue NEUES MAXIM are just one click away. 
Here are some distribution companies [A-Z] engaged to bring german documentaries to the big screen to the cinephile audience:  Basis-Film Verleih Berlin || déjà-vu FILM UG || farbfilm verleih GmbH || FILMGALERIE 451 || Kinostar Filmverleih GmbH || KFA shortfilmagency Hamburg || mindjazz pictures UG || Neue Visionen Filmverleih GmbH || RFF – Real Fiction Filmverleih e.K. || RISE AND SHINE CINEMA UG || SALZGEBER & Co.Medien GmbH || W-film Filmproduktion & Filmverleih || ZORRO FILM GMBH || || || ||

Retrospective Helga Reidemeister
In her films Helga Reidemeister contrasts the inflation of what is factual with the reality of experience: her precise and unerring view of the apparently insignificant reveals the crux of human relationships. The 2018 retrospective presents a cross-section through four decades of her filmic achievements.


Award winners 2018


The FairFilmAward Non Fiction goes to  Marianne Schäfer & André Schäfer, FLORIANFILM GMBH. (By the way, the awardwinning team is  looking for a new member)

The three nominees for the first FairFilmAward Non Fiction by different organizations: FLORIANFILM GmbH  ||  Flare Film GmbH  ||  zero one film GmbH

Photo©2018 DOK.fest Munich. With Vincent Lutz & Christian Dosch (Crew United), Oliver Bätz (team member of FLORIANFILM GMBH), Nicole Leykauf (laudatio, CEO Leykauf Film GmbH), and Daniel Sponsel (CEO DOK.fest Munich).


 The first VFF Documentary Film Production Award, goes to Birgit Schulz, CEO of Bildersturm Filmprod. GmbH  for her work BEYOND BORDERS – STORIES OF FREEDOM & FRIENDSHIP  [WT Missing Movies]

Photo©2018 DOK.fest Munich. With Birgit Schulz right in the middle, with jury members Thomas Frickel (CEO German Documentary Association AG DOK), Dagmar Biller (TANGRAM International GmbH) Prof. Karin Jurschick (HFF Munich) and Daniel Sponsel (CEO DOK.fest Munich)


"The (FFF supporting)award goes to (Pauline Roenneberg for sooner or later) a director who shows a great talent for storytelling and pursues a bold visual concept in her ambitious project. Her attempt to document everyday events and incorporate them with a fictional narrative structure has been achieved with a great atmospheric intensity. She laconically and humorously portrays people without ever showing them up." The jury of FFF Förderpreis Dokumentarfilm
Photo © 2018 DOK.fest Munich

The BR kinokino Audience Award is won by the film that has received the most votes in relation to its audience. TACKLING LIFE by Johannes List was able to get 83 percent of its viewers to vote. A total of 11,352 votes were submitted in the context of the Audience Award, presented by BR Filmmagazin kinokino.
Photo©2018 DOK.fest Munich, Q&A after the screening of TACKLING LIFE by Johannes List, with film crew and members of the BERLIN BRUISERS.

German Documentary Film Music Award goes to Damian Scholl & Ulrich Reuter for the original score of BEUYS by Andres Veiel
„The multi-layered music of the two composers Ulrich Reuter and Damian Scholl not only congenially complements Andres Veiel's cinematic view of Joseph Beuys, but also interprets his artistic work in its own way. The miniatures, some of them purely analog, almost classically designed, in combination with the electronic passages, deliberately refuse to allow any clear access and repeatedly open up Beuys' perspectives on film and art with curiosity." The jury of Deutscher Dokumentarfilm-Musikpreis 
Photo©2018 DOK.fest Munich


LineUp of German documentary productions and co-productions 

·  ABOVE THE TIMBERLINE by Marina Hufnagel [Student Award]

 ·  AMAL by Mohamed Siam [DOK.horizonte & Nomine DOK.fest Award of SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit  ]

 ·  THE ART OF THE ARGUMENT by Melanie Liebheit, Gereon Wetzel [DOK.deutsch]


 ·  BAUHAUS SPIRIT by Niels Bolbrinker, Thomas Tielsch [DOK.special]

 ·  BEYOND BORDERS – STORIES OF FREEDOM & FRIENDSHIP by Johanna Bentz, Camilo Colmenares, Sandra Dajani, Madeleine Dallmeyer, Nazgol Emami, Diana Menestrey, Khaled Nawal, Birgit Schulz [DOK.special]

 ·  BISS UND DIE ANGST VORM FLIEGEN by Wolfgang Ettlich [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR LIFE by Zita Erffa [Student Award]

 ·  BEUYS by Andres Veiel [DOK.special]

 ·  BLIND MAN WATCHING by Fausto Molina [DOK.deutsch]

 ·  CENTRAL AIRPORT THF by Karim Aïnouz [Best of Fests]

 · CINEMA FOR LIFE  by Peter Heller [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  THE CLEANERS by Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck []

 ·  DARK EDEN by Jasmin Herold, Michael Beamish []

 ·  EINEN SOMMER LANG by Georg Michael Fischer  [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  ETHIOPIQUES – REVOLT OF THE SOUL by Maciek Bochniak [DOK.panorama]

 ·  FEBRUAR by Marlena Molito [Student Award]

 ·  FOR IN MY WAY IT LIES by Lukas von Stein [DOK.deutsch]

 ·  FOREVER FLÜCHTLING 1 by Dirk Schäfer [DOK.special]
 ·  FOREVER FLÜCHTLING 2 by Alex Schaad [DOK.special]

 ·  FRAUD by David Spaeth [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  THE GARDEN by Francesca Bertin [Student Award]

 ·  A GERMAN YOUTH by Jean-Gabriel Périot [DOK.special]

 ·  GERMANIA by Lion Bischof [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  get me some HAIR! by Lars Barthel [DOK.panorama]

 ·  GLOBAL FAMILY by Melanie Andernach, Andreas Köhler [Best of Fests]

 ·  GOTTESZELL - A WOMEN'S PRISON by Helga Reidemeister [Retrospektive]

 ·  GUARDIANS OF HERITAGE – CULTURE CLASH by Emanuel Rotstein [DOK.special]

 ·  HERE AND THERE by Bettina Renner [DOK.deutsch]

 ·  IMPREZA – THE CELEBRATION by Alexandra Wesolowski [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  INK OF YAM by Tom Fröhlich [DOK.special]

 ·  IRONHEAD by Tian Dong [Student Award]

 ·  JOE BOOTS by Florian Baron []

 ·  KREATURA by Viki Alexander [Student Award]

 ·  LA BESTIA – TRAIN OF THE UNKNOWNS by Manuel Inacker [Student Award]

 ·  LAST SHIP HOME by Michael Weber, Christian Ebert [DOK.panorama]

 ·  LEGACY by Gabriele Voss, Christoph Hübner [DOK.special]

 ·  LUCICA AND HER CHILDREN by Bettina Braun [DOK.deutsch]

 ·  MAMACITA by José Pablo Estrada Torrescano [DOK.female]

 ·  MIT STARREM BLICK AUFS GELD by Helga Reidemeister [Retrospektive]

  · THE MOTIVATION COACH by Martin Rieck, Julian Amershi [DOK.panorama]

 ·  MY RUSSIAN SPRING by Xenia Sigalova [Münchner Premiere]

 ·  NUMBER ONE – GERMANY’S GREATEST GOALKEEPERS by Gerhard Schick [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  OPERATION PROVIANT by Andreas Hancke, Michael Kloft [DOK.special]

 ·  OVER THE LIMIT by Marta Prus []

 ·  PARENTS' SCHOOL | ELTERNSCHULE by Jörg Adolph, Ralf Bucheler [DOK.deutsch]

 ·  REGGAE BOYZ by Till Schauder [DOK.panorama & Open Air]

 ·  RIOT NOT DIET by Julia Fuhr Mann [Student Award]

 ·  RODINA MEANS HOME by Helga Reidemeister [Retrospektive]

 ·  THE SIXTH CONTINENT by Andreas Pichler [DOK.deutsch]


 ·  SHADOWS OF THE DESERT by Franziska Schönenberger, Jay Subramanian []

 ·  SHUT UP AND PLAY THE PIANO by Philipp Jedicke [DOK.panorama & Open Air]

 ·  SILENT COMRADE by Leonhard Hollmann [Student Award]

 ·  THE SIXTH CONTINENT by Andreas Pichler [DOK.deutsch]

 ·  SOONER OR LATER by Pauline Roenneberg & Britta Schwem [DOK.deutsch]

 ·  SPK COMPLEX by Gerd Kroske [DOK.special]

 ·  SYSTEM ERROR by Florian Opitz []

 ·  TACKLING LIFE by Johannes List [DOK.deutsch]

 ·  TEXAS—KABUL by Helga Reidemeister [Retrospektive]

 ·  TOUCHING CONCRETE by Ilja Stahl [Student Award]

 ·  TRACING ADDAI by Esther Niemeier [Student Award]

 ·  THE TRIAL | O PROCESSO by Maria Augusta Ramos [DOK.female]

 ·  VIOLENCE IS TO CHARGE 600 EUROS – PUBLIC LAND II by Elena Friedrich [Student Award]

 ·  THE VIOLIN'S VOICE by Benedikt Schulte [Münchner Premieren]

 ·  VON WEGEN SCHICKSAL by Helga Reidemeister [Retrospektive]

 ·  WAR AND LOVE IN KABUL by Helga Reidemeister [Retrospektive]

 ·  WE WERE REBELS by Katharina von Schröder, Florian Schewe [DOK.special]

 ·  WHERE ARE YOU, JOAO GILBERTO? by Georges Gachot [ & Open Air]

 ·   A WOMAN CAPTURED by  Bernadett Tuza-Ritter [DOK.female]

  ·  ZEITENWENDE IN GIESING by Morgane Remter [DOK.special]



The sees itself as a think tank for the documentary film industry and marketplace for innovative projects. This year again we invite you to develop visions and impulses with a diverse programme of panels, workshops and case studies. Urgent media policy issues are discussed as well as technical trends and new formats. During the recent years, the has established itself as a meeting place for the German-speaking industry.
This year, the will focus on the future of a highly competitive format – the cinema documentary. We bring together decision-makers and filmmakers in Munich to draw up concrete proposals for action.
The programme 2018 for download.


The German Documentary Association AG DOK

among others invites to two conferences:

· GANZ GROSSES KINO? Konferenz zur Zukunft des deutschen Kinodokumentarfilms

· BILDET BANDEN!  Für mehr Frauen in der Dokumentarfilmbranche Marketplace Projects 2018

May 3-5, 2018 University for Television and Film Munich
The Marketplace invites the most exciting concepts for documentary film, composition, series, webdoc, VR and interactive media to Munich. At moderated roundtables filmmakers discuss their projects in development with commissioning editors, producers and distributors in the competition for prestigious awards and fundings. The events focuse on the German-speaking co-production area with special offers for international delegations. 

The Marketplace Masters Pitch - the only public format of the Marketplace - offers interested guests the opportunity to get an insight into exciting project ideas and the development process of documentary films. Four filmmakers from Latin America are invited as this year's guest delegation.

Five teams of directors and composers pitch for the German Composition Funding Prize. The aim is to strengthen cooperation between directors and composers.

In moderated roundtable sessions, 25 teams present and discuss their projects with commissioning editors, producers, distributors, sales agents and funders at eye level.

Three rough cuts and two finished films from this year's festival programme are presented to distributors and sales agents.

Nine students of our partner film schools get the special opportunity to present their projects to important decision-makers in a protected environment.



Playground Documentary is a brand new format at, carefully developed for our international industry guests. This year's PLAYGROUNDS sheds light on distribution of documentaries in many different ways. In an informal atmosphere, speakers and audience will exchange ideas, talk about their projects and difficulties and concentrate on new possibilities and solutions. It aims at sharing expert's insights and giving space for an active audience to create visions for documentaries. The sessions will be held in English. Admission is free, please register here.
If you have any questions, please email

focuses on future formats and visions for TV. Together with Christian von Brockhausen (NDR, DIE BOX) and Nicole Baum (3sat), we explore both innovative and conventional formats on public TV, their target audiences and the way they work – or don't. Together, we can discuss visionary formats with the experts and maybe give an impulse to create a brand new documentary TV format! Speaker: Christian von Brockhausen, NDR DIE BOX, Nicole Baum, 3sat

What is the essence of your film? How do you make sure it has what it takes to make people want to see it? In an extremely competitive and financially tight industry, success is only possible with a clear and cutting message that emerges from a constructive and productive cooperation between producer and distributor. In this session we will play the title game and compile efficient strategies for each program and its essence to be presented. You are welcome to bring your own (working) title, a key picture or a poster draft, and ideas on how to best make the essence of your film come out. Speaker: Esther van Messel, First Hand Films

An interactive conversation with applied examples about building social impact concepts, design and strategies for films, with an interdisciplinary and multimedia approach. Meet Marion Guth and Paula Onet from a_BAHN, specialized in impact designing and producing. By signing up for the workshop, you have the chance to submit a project for being selected for a first-impact examination during the workshop. Let's chill and shift cinema's boundaries! Speaker: Paula Onet, a_BAHN, Marion Guth, a_BAHN



May 8, 2018 press release:
After three intensive days, the Marketplace ended on Saturday, May 5th with 150 international guests, strong stories and newly formed partnerships. In addition to roundtables and open pitches, we were also able to offer curated one-to-one meetings for the first time this year. In partnership with Documentary Campus, the international Masters Pitch focused on German and Latin American projects and presented groundbreaking keynotes on the topic "Is TV now VoD?". We would like to thank the participants for their inspiring projects and passionate pitches, the experts for their valuable and concrete feedback and of course our partners who made the ideas and co-production market possible.

Doc Circuit Montréal, RIDM’s documentary forum, will grant for the first time full festival and industry accreditations to the filmmakers Teresa Camou Guerrero for the film project CRUZ as well as to director Eva Weber and producer Sonja Henrici for IN DER STILLE DER NACHT. Both projects had been chosen for the Marketplace Masters Pitch. The winners will get the chance to attend DCM’ Talent Lab and participate together with their teams in the industry event.
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