More than 200 new films – including about 20 German productions and co-productions – representing the perspectives of filmmakers from all over the world: 84 world premieres, 32 international premieres and 9 European premieres are featured in this year's festival. Running from March 13-24, CPH:DOX 2024 takes off with a new nation-wide festival approach, with new thematic sections focusing on the most urgent topics of our time, from geopolitics to body politics.

This year’s programme features six competition categories, judged by an international jury: DOX:AWARD, F:ACT AWARD, NORDIC:DOX AWARD, NEXT:WAVE AWARD, NEW:VISION AWARD, including the newest HUMAN:RIGHTS AWARD. Check out this year’s competition line-up here.

CPH:DOX and the Institute for Human Rights are introducing the brand new HUMAN:RIGHTS AWARD to this year's festival, marking the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This new award underscores the ongoing relevance of human rights in challenging times. Valued at €5,000, the award emphasizes films addressing human rights issues.
The award honors filmmakers – incuding nominee Agnieszka Zwiefka with SILENT TREES – who depict the human rights challenges of our time. It has been 75 years since the UN Declaration of Human Rights was signed. Yet, discrimination and inequality are still daily realities for millions of people around the world. The candidates for this year’s Human Rights Award cover a wide range, but all share in common that they, in one way or another, bring human rights to life in a way that illuminates them for us.

Browse the winning films of CPH:DOX 2024 here.




LineUp German productions and co-productions:

Browse all films showcasing at CPH:DOX 2024 here.



2024 with more than 2.000 industry professionals from around the world

Key dates for filmmakers and professionals:

INTRO:DOX Day (17 March)
CPH:FORUM (18-21 March)
DELEGATIONS (18-22 March)
CPH:CONFERENCE (19-22 March)

Starting off with the 2-day INTRO:DOX programme dedicated to emerging talents on March 17, the industry programme will further unfold with the INTER:ACTIVE Symposium showcasing the prototypes of the 2023/2024 CPH:LAB cohort on March 18, followed by the trend-setting 5-day CPH:CONFERENCE curated and presented in partnership with the leading training initiative Documentary Campus. The excitement of the industry days will start with the CHANGE and WIP project presentations on March 18 and peak March 19 when CPH:FORUM will showcase a total of 32 hand-picked high-quality projects in different stages of development looking to find their right financiers. Last but not least, the CPH:INDUSTRY buzz will be enriched by a record-breaking number of 16 international delegations which will promote their countries' potential for co-production. German Delegation with Björn Jensen (representative), Antje Boehmert, Christian Beetz, Dorothea Braun, Jutta Pinzler, Martin Pieper, Michaela Kirst



CPH:FORUM is CPH:DOX's international financing and co-production event dedicated to facilitate the development and financing of creative and visually strong film projects with international potential, whether they are features, series or new media projects.

The 2024 CPH:FORUM line-up puts forward a curated group of projects, ranging from deeply personal to global stories, all painting a portrait of the state of our world and representing diverse documentary styles. These 32 projects – bringing together over 65 filmmakers and producers from 26 countries echo each other and reflect on pressing themes. CPH:DOX’ flagship financing and co-production event is going to welcome hundreds of guests in Copenhagen from Tuesday to Thursday, March 18-21, 2024, with CPH:WIP and CHANGE presentations taking place on Monday, March 18.

The LineUp of the selected projects include following German productions and co-productions:

  • ABOUT A HEREO by Piotr Winiewicz, produced by Mads Damsbo and Rikke Tambo Andersen [DK/DE]
    After Dorem Clery supposedly commits suicide in despair over losing his job to a machine, Werner Herzog travels to Getunkirchenburg to investigate his perplexing death. But Herzog, our narrator, is not who he seems, and the film, not what we expect.
  • THE INVISIBLE WORLD by Talal Derki, produced by Talal Derki, Heba Khaled, Maarten Schmidt and Ansgar Frerich [DE]
    Traveling from the Western Sahara through Mongolia's plains and mountains to the Amazon rainforests, I delve into the existence of invisible consciousness among us.
  • LAND OF FAIRY TALES AND DREAMS (WT) by Denis Pavlovic, [MD/DE]
    A light hearted story about Europe's smallest tourism industry, in a place known as Transnistria (PMR). A film about one man and his family, who are fighting to become the greatest tour guides in this worldwide unrecognized region, in Moldova
  • LANGUAGE X by Tanya Haurylchyk, produced by Katerina Barushka / Skaryna Foundation [PL/DE]
    A young couple starts a social experiment - for nine years their child is the only student in class. This is the price for choosing the Belarusian language of education over Russian. Their values lead to persecution, exile, and true resilience.
  • MY SKIN AN I by Milton Guillen and Fiona Hall, produced by Zorana Mušikic, May Odeh, [NI/US/DE]
    Via images of the Nicaraguan authoritarian regime, the filmmakers address questions of aesthetics, power, and discipline. The film builds lyrical realms in collaboration with artists in exile, visualizing ongoing tragedy in a multi-linear timeline that traces what led to the national protests of 2018. At the core, the film explores Guillén’s personal relationship to political power and exile via fictional embodiments of his family, as well as archival material, and a collage of experiences interwoven into a long poem. [source]
  • OUR SISTER ANGELA – BLACK POWER IN THE GDR by Katharina Warda, Jascha Hannover, produced by André Schäfer FLORIANFILM and DARE Pictures [DE/UK]
    In the 1970s, an enthusiastic solidarity movement for Black U.S. civil rights activist Angela Davis emerges in East Germany. Davis attracts hundreds of thousands of people during her visits to the GDR. But all this enthusiasm is deceptive…


Every year, CPH:FORUM welcomes a wide variety of professionals from all over the world representing public service and commercial broadcasters, arts institutions, film funds and foundations in addition to private equity funders, sales agents and distributors.




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