premiering about two dozen german productions and co-productions documentary form in different sections, including ARCHITECTON in the competition and showcasing about seven documentaries in retrospective strands. The entire programme browse here.








Since 1986, the Berlinale has awarded the BERLINALE CAMERA to honour personalities and institutions who have made a special contribution to filmmaking and with whom the festival feels closely connected.  

 Mariëtte Rissenbeek, Carlo Chatrian honoring Edgar Reitz
with the BERLINALE CAMERA 2024

The 74th Berlin International Film Festival honoures the German director and author Edgar Reitz with the BERLINALE CAMERA 2024. "Edgar Reitz is one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation; he has created an oeuvre that will forever remain a milestone in the history of cinema. At 91, Reitz is still willing to question who we are and where we come from. In his latest work, FILMSTUNDE_23, he succeeds in transposing the idea of home – as both a real and an imaginary place of longing – to the cinema. We are delighted to welcome his new film to the festival and to award him this much-deserved recognition," comment Executive Director Mariëtte Rissenbeek and Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian on the tribute to Edgar Reitz. Find more information here. For further information read the Artistic Directors Blog by Carlo Chatrian on Edgar Reitz.




 Guillaume Cailleau, Jay Jordan, Ben Russell
and another protagonist of DIRECT ACTION

Tizza Covi, member of the jury says at the award ceremony: "WELL! The jury wants to salut the very patient and non judgement delicate approach. We deeply enjoyed the quality of observation of this radical film. The Best Film award of the Encounters section goes to Guillaume Cailleau and Ben Russell for  DIRECT ACTION." The 216minutes longterm documentary, produced by CASKFILMS & Volte Film was awarded with a Special Mention of the Berlinale Documentary Award as well.

 [Awards Ceremony at full lenght, feb 24, 2024 at DIRECT ACTION on stage starts 1:00:47]




FIPRESCI, the international federation of film critics awards as Best Documentary:
FARUK by Asli Özge, 97min, WS: HERETIC, [Panorama]
Statement of the jury: "This mock-documentary is a tremendously profound film. The genuine and nuanced portrayal of the evolving perspectives of both a father and his daughter on their home and relationship over time elevates it, challenging stereotypes by embodying the vitality and joys that remain in older age. For deeply and authentically illuminating global themes through personal stories of aging and change, this mock-documentary achieves artistic excellence and social insight. It deserves this recognition for its moving and powerful work."



Panorama Audience Award Winner 2024 – Documentary:
This year, Panorama presented a total of 31 titles from 36 production countries, ten of them were in the section Panorama Dokumente. The winner is the Palestinian, Nowegian co–production NO OTHER LAND by by Basel Adra, Hamdan Ballal, Yuval Abraham, Rachel Szor. The second and third place of the Panorama Audience Award – Documentary go to the German documentaries:

MY STOLEN PLANET | SAYYAREYE DOZDIDE SHODEYE MAN by Farahnaz Sharifi, 82min, WS: CAT&Docs, P: JYOTI Film GmbH, Pak Film GmbH, [Panorama]

TEACHES OF PEACHES by Philipp Fussenegger, Judy Landkammer, 102min, WS: MAGNETFILM GmbH, P: avanti media fiction GmbH, D: farbfilm verleih GmbH, [Panorama]

Best Documentary of the 38 TEDDY AWARD goes as well to TEACHES OF PEACHES. Statement of the Jury: "Seamlessly weaving together exclusive archival gems with dynamic tour footage, this documentary captures the transformative journey of Canadian Merrill Nisker into the internationally acclaimed cultural powerhouse that is Peaches."



Special Mention Generation 14plus
goes to the Iranian, Germa, French co-productin MAYDEGOL by Sarvnaz Alambeigi, 30min, P: noori pictures, [Generation 14plus]
Jury statement: "For a film that is in itself a political act, using the tools of verité cinema to tell the story of a young Afghan woman living without papers, or autonomy, in Iran, a film in which the strength and fortitude of the protagonist radiates from the screen."





CICAE ART CINEMA AWARD as well as the 39 CALIGARI film award  go to
SHAHID by Narges Kalhor, 82min, P: Michael Kalb Filmproduction, [Forum]
CICAE jury statement: "The Arthouse Cinema Award 2024 goes to a unique and bold piece of filmmaking that manages to tear down conventions and borders. For its stylistically and thematically multi-layered approach that crafts a very honest and intimate film that uses self-irony while touching upon significant and consequential issues. For a director that manages to gracefully balance reality and fiction, humor and tragedy, various art forms and emotions into a powerful cinematic blend."
She receives the prize for a 'complex, multi-voiced work' that leads us 'into the depths of one's own biography and the collective past.' Browse the full CALIGARI jury statement and more infromation on the award here. Find out more about Narges Shahid Kalhor "A feeling of happiness on the one hand and a massive sense of guilt on the other" in a conversation with Afsun Moshiry and Barbara Wurm.

 Download as PDF BERLINALE PREISE 2024 here. or browse more infornation on awards and jury members here.




Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin
February 15–25, 2024


 about two dozen german documentaries are premiering at the 74 BERLINALE 
 as well as eleven short documentaries part of the project



LineUp German productions and co–productions documentary form:


Find the Press Releases 74 BERLINALE here.
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will be showcased in the 74 BERLINALE RETROSPECTIVE among others. A satirical documentary with fictional elements: Lieschen Müller from Austria comes to Bonn, then the capital of West Germany, to look for a suitable man working in politics. She asks the 'alpha males' in this strange sociotope how they see themselves as (German) men and reveals the Bonn Republic to be fairly resistant to feminism.



LineUp German documentary productions in restrospective sections:

  • DIE DEUTSCHEN UND IHRE MÄNNER – BERICHT AUS BONN by Helke Sander ©1989 [Retrospektive]
  • IN THE COUNTRY OF MY PARENTS | IM LAND MEINER ELTERN by Jeanine Meerapfel ©1981 [Retrospektive]
  • TECHQUA IKACHI, LAND – MY LIFE by Anka Schmid, James Danaqyumptewa, Agnes Barmettler ©1989, GDR/Switzerland [Forum Special]
  • THOSE DAYS IN TEREZIN | DIESE TAGE IN TEREZIN by Sibylle Schönemann, ©1997 [Forum Special]






  • Find our virtual stage at the EFM online — with the ID 613920 – under the umbrella of German Films with the title AG DOK / German Documentaries, edited by Ingrid Molnar,, available until end of March 2024.
  • Find our booth 18 at the groundfloor of the GROPIUS BAU, tel: 49 30 25920 – 842, with Kordula Hildebrandt, under the umbrella of German Films during the 74 BERLINALE.


  EFM #18 groundfloor GROPIUS BAU







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