LETsDOK all across Germany September 12–18, 2022





The German nationwide documentary filmdays LETsDOK 2022, organized by the Association for the Promotion of Documentary Film Culture [Verein zur Förderung der Dokumentarfilmkultur] in Cologne and Partners all over Germany, take place for the third time and started as documentary day celebrating the 40th anniversary of the AG DOK, German Documentary Association in September 2020.

•••••••• WORK IN PROGRESS ••••••••

The LETsDOK team is still looking for entries, some documentaries already confirmed.

Klick the German titles for the LETsDOK screeningdates, a soon as confirmed.

LineUp german documentaries in the programm of LETsDOK 2022


more German [version only] or international productions




    In Berlin, thirteen cinemas are bringing film contributions to LETsDOK to the big screen:
    ACUDkino, Aquarium, Brotfabrik, Bundesplatz Kino, City Kino Wedding, Intimes, KLICK Kino, Krokodil Kino, Lichtblick-Kino, Moviemento, Tilsiter Lichtspiele, Wohnzimmer-Kino, Wolf Kino.

From 16.9.-18.9. there will also be a free documentary film workshop for 14-17 year olds at Moviemento, led by director Tanja Brzakovic.



Trailer LETsDOK 2021.

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