What to Do with All This Love

a film by Marita Stocker

What to Do with All This Love

2018 | 80:00 min

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Documentary Music film
Georgia: A multi-ethnic state in the Caucasus, hovering between the past and the future. Up upon a hill, the Paliashvili Music School for gifted children looks out over Tbilisi. The plaster is crumbling, hardly any instrument can be tuned, and many teachers are far beyond retirement age. While they still seek that spark of inspiration, the headmaster fights for a new building and the students pursue their calling in life. WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS LOVE is a film about a place lost in time and threatening disappearance, about growing up and aging, about great dreams and the art of improvisation.
Operator Mitja Hagelüken wins 2019 the German Camera Prize
62 DOK Leipzig
Cast and Crew
  • Director Marita Stocker
  • Producer Günter Atteln
  • Director of Photography Mitja Hagelüken
  • Editor Ana R. Fernandes
  • Sound Daniel Fischer
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