LETsDOK all across Germany September 13–19, 2021





Nationwide Documentary Film Week in Germany 2021.

The German Documentary AssociationAG DOK celebrated last year September 19, 2020 the 40th anniversary with a nationalwide Documentary Film Day with the idea 40 German Documentaries - one for each year - of members of the AG DOK only in spite of the corona pandemie with screening on the big screen with great success, meaning more than 40 films have been shown and discussed. So the members of AG DOK decided to continue and it turned out, that one day is not enough and international documentaries became part of the '21 program as well, depending on the TOPIC of the necessary discussion.

211 Documentaries. 73 Cinemas. 109 Q&A. 21 Events on the big screen, on TV* and online**.

* ARTE as well as ARD-Alpha & BR are part of LETsDOK 2021!
** in cooperation with filmfriend & public libraries of Germany

"Corona has shown us that we need encounters, encounters with other people, but also with art. Art that opens our minds, broadens our horizons, asks critical questions, inspires us. Documentaries accomplish all of that – especially in cinemas. That's why we've initiated the campaign LETsDOK that celebrates documentaries for the big screen." Susanne Binninger, filmmaker and chairwoman of AG DOK.


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