At the Edge - Beekeepers in Mecklenburg

a film by Anne Andersen

At the Edge - Beekeepers in Mecklenburg

Germany | 2019 | 128:00 min

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An essayistic approach to the rural beekeepers‘ fight for survival and the endurance of a lively culture that has largely disappeared from view. The filmmaker, who has kept bees herself since childhood, follows the daily working life of beekeepers in the countryside of West Mecklenburg. Beekeeping is endangered not only by climate change and industrialised farming, but also by issues such as rural exodus, dying villages, ecotourism, and land grabbing, all of which play a role in a rural culture of survival that is ever more in danger of vanishing. On-location footage is combined with scenes from a rehearsal of theatre director Armin Petras‘ staging of Heiner Müller‘s “The Resettled Woman” with a cast of beekeepers, farmers, and actors. The play, which was initially banned in East Germany due to its critique of agricultural reforms, has parallels to today‘s problems. The film is a polyphonic essay on the creativity of the area‘s remaining inhabitants, and the rural living experiences. (61 Nordische Filmtage, Luebeck)

Armin Petras‘ staging of Heiner Müller‘s “The Resettled Woman” among others with Ute Kämpfer, Anja Schneider, Amos Detscher, Marlene Eiberger, Mervan Ürkmez, Christoph Goetz
Filmkunstfest MV Schwerin
61 Nordische Filmtage Luebeck
62 DOK Leipzig - special screening
Cast and Crew
  • Director Anne Andersen
  • Producer Anne Andersen
  • Director of Photography Börres Weiffenbach, Bernd Meiners, Anne Andersen
  • Line producer Jörg Langer
  • Editor Anne Andersen , Jessica Ehlebracht
  • Sound Mike Schmidt, Florian Lampersberger, Anne Andersen
  • Score Britta Stützer (Akkordeon), Adam Pultz Melbye (Double Bass)
  • Digital Colorist Felix Trolldenier
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