Who's Afraid of Sibylle Berg

a film by Böller und Brot Sigrun Köhler und Wiltrud Baier

Who's Afraid of Sibylle Berg

2015 | 84:00 min

Original Title:
Wer hat Angst vor Sibylle Berg

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Sibylle Berg provokes somehow.
Her life story from GDR refugee up to bestselling author sounds mythical. Previously Sibylle Berg searched for good fortune, now she's looking for a house.
In this portrait of the great ironic dramatist we learn the male word for 'author', why they often have to hold their heads on author-fotographs, what kind of useful things (like diving under ice) you could learn in GDR, how fungi control the brains of politicians – and that behind every shy author there’s a shy person.

With: Sibylle Berg, Katja Riemann, Helene Hegemann, James Goldstein, Olli Schulz
14th Zurich Film Festival, Swiss
Int. Hofer Filmtage, Germany
Filmfest Bozen, Italy
Int. Frauenfilmfestival Köln/Dortmund, Germany
Cast and Crew
  • Director Böller und Brot Sigrun Köhler und Wiltrud Baier
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