End of Landschaft

How Germany loses its face

a film by Jörg Rehmann

End of Landschaft

Germany | 2018 | 103:00 min

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In January 2017, the author learns about allegedly 400 wind turbines, for which surfaces in the Odenwald are to be expelled. The citizens are insecure, but many are unaware of the changes and conflicts that may result. This leads the author to travel to other regions where there is more experience. In Ostfriesland is on average every 790 meters a wind turbine next to the other. Here, a latent expropriation and degeneration wave of the population has begun. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, billions were invested in a new infrastructure for „Aufbau Ost". But with the decision to make the whole federal state the „powerhouse of the nation", there is also a rural exodus. With the wind turbines now approaching the cities, residents are often confronted for the second time with destroyed landscapes, noise and conflicts. In Rhineland-Palatinate Moselhunsrück and in the Saarland, the author encounters structures that are referred to by experts as criminal. But a good goal should actually use good methods …

A Roadmovie through german "Energiewende"-Country.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Jörg Rehmann
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