The Last Reporters

a film by Jean Boué

The Last Reporters

2020 | 96:00 min

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THE LAST REPORTERS tells the story of three local journalists. Of people who write for newspapers whose readers live in their area. One reports on sports, one on social issues, and one writes a gossip column. Three very different people who have one thing in common: they provide first-hand information that they glean using their own powers of observation. Werner, Anna and Thomas have their readers. They write exclusively for those who cannot find themselves or their local issues on the worldwide web. But times change radically and so do job descriptions. The radical growth of online journalism presents reporters with new challenges - if their profession is to survive, they must reinvent themselves. THE LAST REPORTERS accompanies three journalists navigating the difficult path of daring the new without losing the old.
Filmfest Osnabrück
shortlisted for LOLA2021 — Deutscher Filmpreis Dokumentarfilm #lola21
Cast and Crew
  • Director Jean Boué
Production Company
JABFILM - Jean Boué
Boelzker Str. 10, 16928 Pritzwalk

Phone: +49 3395 309707

Fax: +49 3395 309706
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