Not Without Us

a film by Sigrid Klausmann

Not Without Us

2016 | 87:00 min

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Filmmakers Sigrid Klausmann and Lina Luzyte accompanied children from all over the world to school, and invited them to talk about their lives on the way: for example, there is twelveyear-old To from Laos, who stays at school all week because of the long journey by boat across Mekong and often misses being at home with the family. Or the orphan girl Alphonsine from a village on the Ivory Coast, who does not go to school to learn but to earn money. There is also twelve-year-old Sai from India, who has moved with her mother to New York, where she attends a school for specially gifted children. By contrast, twelve-year-old Vincent is bound to home. He lives in the mountains of Austria, where his parents run a guest house. One day, Vincent hopes to take over the business. To get to school in the valley, in the winter he needs to make a breakneck downhill trip on skis every day.
Meanwhile, Luniko, who lives in the South African township Khayelithsa, is HIV positive and can never go to school without feeling afraid.

Original Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Swiss German, Japanese, Laotian, Nepalese, Hindi, Icelandic. German version with German or Arabic voiceover available.
Seal of Approval ’highly recommended’
Goldener Spatz - Graz
Goldener Nils - Ludwigshafen/Rhein
Winner of Children’s Jury Prize – Chicago
Cast and Crew
  • Director Sigrid Klausmann
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