In Exile

a film by Tin Win Naing

In Exile

2016 | 72:00 min

Original Title:
Pyi Pye

Content Categories

72min or 55min original Burmese version with English or German subtitles available
After filming political footage, Myanmar filmmaker Tin Win Naing must flee his home. The nation’s brutal dictatorship has begun sweeping the country, arresting anyone suspected of critiquing the government, and Naing is certain to be targeted. Unsure whether he would ever be able to see his family again, he crosses the border illegally, entering Thailand.
His camera becomes the most important tool to survive and overcome the many days away from home. He begins to follow three Myanmar migrant workers toiling under conditions tantamount to slave labour. Through his sensitive camera work, Tin Win Naing transmits his curiosity, sorrow, or delight about what he is seeing, whilst subtly connecting it to the current political changes in his home country Myanmar.
tiff Toronto, Busan IFF, DOK Leipzig

2021 Hessischer Dokumentarfilmtag
Cast and Crew
  • Director Tin Win Naing
  • Producer Yasmin C. Rams
  • Director of Photography Aung Ko Ko, Tin Win Naing
  • Editor Melanie Sandford
  • Sound  Ivan Horak
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