among us women

a film by Sarah Noa Bozenhardt, Daniel Abate Tilahun

among us women

Germany, Ethiopia | 2021 | 92:00 min

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among us women follows young farmer Huluager Endeshaw (25), who is awaiting the birth of her fourth child. Swimming in a river of change, Hulu finds herself caught between modern and traditional systems of midwifery in her rural village of Megendi. On one hand, she regularly attends check-ups at the local health post and follows the advice from medical midwives. On the other, Hulu is apprehensive of a system in which she feels unheard, turning to the traditional midwife Endal Gedif (70) for support and comfort. Although Endal is aware of Hulu's needs, she can only do so much with her limited resources. Complications during Hulu’s home birth stress the conflicts between the ladies in scrubs and the women on fields.
​​Surrounded by many varying female perspectives, Hulu wrestles with the role she is expected to play as a mother, a wife and a woman. To unravel her personal wants and needs, she takes the film’s narrative into her own hands, exploring her burning past and her uncertain future. Both because of her fellow women and despite them, Hulu holds on to the desire to define her own path and gradually unveils the secrets she has kept close to her chest.

Stories by Huluager Endeshaw, Endal Gedif, Welela Assaye, Sirkalem Teshome
​​A Creative Collaboration With The Community Of Megendi

Honourable Mention – 64 DOK Leipzig, international competition, world premiere

Awards in Production:
​​2017 Best Pitch at Empfang der Filmhochschulen, Berlinale
​​2017 Pitch Award of the House of Documentary, DOK.fest Munich
​​2020 German Composition Funding Award for Anna-Marlene Bicking at DOK.fest Munich
Cast and Crew
  • Director Sarah Noa Bozenhardt, Daniel Abate Tilahun (co-director)
  • Producer Sonja Kilbertus, Hiwot Admasu (co-producer), Beza Hailu Lemma (co-producer)
  • Director of Photography Bernarda Cornejo Pinto
  • Editor Andrea Muñoz
  • Sound Alexandra Praet
  • Score Anna-Marlene Bicking
  • Digital Colorist Ana Maria Ormaza
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Production Company
Evolution Film UG
Dachauer Straße 116, 80636 München

Phone: +49 89 21551981
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