Presented by longdistance swimmer Sara Mardini the GERMAN FILM AWARD DOCUMENTARY #lola23 goes to ELFRIEDE JELINEK – LANGUAGE UNLEASHED by Claudia Müller, produced by Martina Haubrich and Claudia Wohlgenannt. The German/Austrian co-production (CALA Filmproduktion GmbH / Plan C Filmproduktion OG) portraing the Austrian (based Munich) literature nobel prize winner 2004 Elfriede Jelinek, got awarded with the AUSTRIAN FILM AWARD DOCUMENTARY [Österreichischer Filmpreis – Sektion Dokumentarfilm] as well. Ingrid Molnar, editor of german documentaries congratulates.



Volker Schlöndorff, the director of THE FOREST MAKER, gets awarded for his lifework with the EHRENPREIS, laudatio by John Malkovich videoconferencing.











  The award ceremony will take place May 12, 2023. Invitees only.




  • KALLE KOSMONAUT by Tine Kugler, Günther Kurth, Producers: Tine Kugler, Günther Kurth, Production Company: KMOTO Medienproduktion, [LOLA TALK]
  • LOVE, DEUTSCHMARKS AND DEATH | LIEBE, D-MARK UND TOD by Cem Kaya, 96min, Producers: Claus Reichel, Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay, Florian Schewe, Stefan Kauertz, Production Companies: filmfaust, Film Five, Distribution Germany: Rapid Eye Movies, [LOLA TALK]
  •  ELFRIEDE JELINEK – LANGUAGE UNLEASHED | ELFRIEDE JELINEK – DIE SPRACHE VON DER LEINE LASSEN by Claudia Müller, Producer: Martina Haubrich, Claudia Wohlgenannt, Production Companies: CALA , Plan C Filmproduktion and Editor Mechthild Barth is nominated for best editing as well. Mechthild Barth has already successfully edited German documentaries for many years and the editor of german documentaries is therefore particularly pleased that she has been nominated this time with a documentary for this section. The montage of archive material with voiceovers and interviews, some of them recently recorded, is told from Jelinek’s point of view. [39 FFMUC] [LOLA TALK]






Ansgar Frerich, Martin Farkas, Annekatrin Hendel, Felix Grassmann, Karsten Aurich, Ursula Höf, Lorenz Dangel, Mirjam Leuze, Antonia Kilian, Mohammad Farokhmanesh [preselection comission documentary]
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