a film by Stanislaw Mucha


2021 | 92:00 min

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The loneliest workplace in the world on a weather station on the edge of the Russian polar sea: A professional soldier who was retrained to become a meteorologist and traumatized in the Chechnya war, his young wife, whose previous life in the world of cities and money had brutally failed, a cancer patient who has returned to his place of birth Pensioner, the boss of the station - with a dubious if not criminal past and Jack the dog. Five traumatized souls who try in the loneliness of a hostile nature that appears paradisiacal to deal with themselves, the absence of civilization, their human needs and inadequacies and to master their lives.
55 Hof IFF
Cast and Crew
  • Director Stanislaw Mucha
  • Producer Kurt Otterbacher, Rudi Teichmann
  • Screenwriter Dorothea Braun, Stanislaw Mucha
  • Director of Photography Marcus Winterbauer
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Production Company
Zinnober Film GmbH
Krautm├╝hlenweg 8, 52066 Aachen

Phone: +49 0241 970180
Co-Production Company
strandfilm GmbH
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