65 DOK Leipzig, October 17—23, 2022  

The awards of the 65th edition of DOK Leipzig were presented on Saturday October 22, 2022 at the Schaubühne Lindenfels in Leipzig. Following the week-long festival, a selection of the award-winning films will be shown online throughout Germany in the DOK Stream from 24 to 30 October. Two feature-lenght debut films winning Golden Doves.


The awarded german documentaries are:

  • The Golden Dove in the International Competition went to Theo Montoya for his debut feature-length documentary Anhell69. This co-production from Colombia, Romania, France and Germany portrays a queer young generation in a Colombia marked by violence and repression, in a very real ghost story told in atmospheric images. The 10,000-euro Golden Dove is sponsored by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk.
  • In the Competition for the Audience Award, the Golden Dove including 3,000 Euros went to THREE WOMEN by Maxim Melnyk. In encounters with three independent women, Melnyk documents rural life in the Ukrainian village of Stuzhytsya near the EU border. “This film brings us images of joie de vivre and lightness. Images that we don’t often see coming from that country at the moment. It creates connections and unites people through the screen,” according to the statement by the audience jury.
    The DEFA Sponsoring Prize, which includes 4,000 Euros granted by the DEFA Foundation, went to Maxim Melnyk for THREE WOMEN as well.
  • In the German Competition, filmmaker Sönje Storm was awarded the Golden Dove (3,000 Euros) for DEAD BIRDS FLYING HIGH | DIE TOTEN VÖGEL SIND OBEN, another first feature documentary winning the main prize. The director goes through old boxes left behind by her great-grandfather, Jürgen Friedrich Mahrt. This farmer and naturalist documented the local flora and fauna with the aid of photography and taxidermy and thus already observed the extinction of species as well as harbingers of today’s climate crisis in the early 20th century.
  • The Silver Dove in the German Competition Short Film, which includes prize money of 1,500 Euros and is sponsored by IG Metall Leipzig, went to Jonathan Brunner for BORDER CONVERSATIONS, a film that follows Polish activists in the border region between Belarus and Poland in the winter of 2021.
  • The 3,000-Euro MDR Film Prize for an outstanding Eastern European documentary was awarded to Marek Kozakiewicz for SILENT LOVE,  telling the story of a woman who attempts to obtain custody of her brother in a conservative part of Poland and to live with her partner in an alternative family arrangement.
  • The Film Prize Leipziger Ring honours a documentary about human rights, democracy or civil engagement, is granted by Stiftung Friedliche Revolution (Foundation of the Peaceful Revolution) and comes with 2,500 Euros. This year’s award went to PASTOR LOTHAR STOPS | KÖNIG HÖRT AUF, Tilman König’s documentary about his father, the former Jena pastor and left-wing activist Lothar König. The portrait received the ver.di Prize for Solidarity, Humanity and Fairness, which includes 1,500 Euros in prize money as well.
  • The 2,000-Euro Young Eyes Film Award, granted by Leipziger Stadtbau AG, went to  BLUE SKY WHITE CLOUDS | BLAUER HIMMEL WEISSE WOLKEN by Astrid Menzel. In this film, the director takes her grandmother, who suffers from dementia, on a canoe trip in northern Germany. The prize was awarded by the Youth Jury in cooperation with Filmschule Leipzig e.V.
  • The Gedanken-Aufschluss Award went to YONII by Julius Gintaras Blum, a portrait of a Swabian-Moroccan actor and rapper. The prize is awarded by a jury of prisoners at the Juvenile Detention Centre Regis-Breitingen.

Information about all of DOK Leipzig’s juries can be found here: Awards & Juries
Find the press release with all award winners of 65 DOK Leipzig here – or browse the two articles online:
Announcing the winners of the Partnership Awards 2022
Two feature-length debut films winning Golden Doves .


DOK Stream



At 65 DOK Leipzig a total of 41,523 attendances having been registered. 30,596 attendees were counted at the cinema screenings, talks and industry events as well as at the DOK Neuland exhibition. From 17 to 23 October, audiences at the Leipzig venues were shown 255 films and extended reality (XR) experiences from 55 countries. Following the week of the festival, eleven award-winning films from the programme were available online throughout Germany in the DOK Stream for one week.
The six programmes in the Retrospective The Female Documentarists of the GDR as well as the two Matinees on related themes were very well received. The two Master Classes by Mila Turajli? and Špela ?adež also met with enthusiasm. The free screenings at the Leipzig main station were again in high demand, as was the DOK Neuland exhibition of immersive XR experiences. 








with 255 films and XR experiences from 55 countries in Leipzig venues, as well as Spotlight on: Docudays UA 2022, because the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival could not be held in Kyiv this past March due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Therefore, in a show of solidarity, DOK Leipzig will be providing a venue for the 19th edition of that festival.


LineUp German documentary productions and co-productions 65 DOK Leipzig:

 Browse the full LineUp of the festival here.


*Architecture Film Art – Heinz Emigholz in Conversation
Heinz Emigholz’s oeuvre includes a number of cinematic investigations of architecture as a carrier of historiographical and biographical traces. Three of his latest works on the subject are being screened at DOK Leipzig 2022 – the occasion for a conversation between curator and publicist Ralph Eue and the media and film artist.
Wednesday, October 19, 2022 16:30, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum






DOK Leipzig Retrospective to recognise female documentary filmmakers of the GDR

Films by Helke Misselwitz, Petra Tschörtner and Angelika Andrees headline the programme, which focuses on a neglected part of German film history.

The six shows of the retrospective include portraits of institutions, essays and observations of everyday life – including DEFA, university and TV productions dating from the founding of the German Democratic Republic in 1949 to the year the Wall fell.
Many of these films exhibit a personal approach, examining the experiences of individuals in the socialist system. They are devoted to such themes as work and art, childhood and motherhood. They explore the perspectives of women as well as the male-dominated world of the National People’s Army. Female directors also made films, however, on which the dictatorship of the Socialist Party (SED) left a distinct mark. The retrospective will therefore also present films that were made in support of the state as well as lesser-known and rediscovered works by women filmmakers.

LineUp of German documentaries by female directors made in the GDR, newly discovered and rediscovered works of GDR film history in the sections
RETROSPECTIVE: The Female Documentarists of the GDR,
DEFA Matinee: Angelika Andrees – The Empathetic Eye,
Matinee Saxon State Archive: Socialist Women’s Images – The Female GDR.

  • [AN INTERVIEW WITH INGEBORG TÖLKE] | [INTERVIEW MIT INGEBORG TÖLKE] 7min, ©1963, [Matinee Sächsisches Staatsarchiv]
  • ABLINGA by Dagnija Osite-Krüger 13min, ©1977, [Retrospective]
  • BEHIND WINDOWS | HINTER DEN FENSTERN by Petra Tschörtner, 43min,©1984 [Retrospective]
  • BECAUSE I’M FAT | WEIL ICH EIN DICKER BIN by Christiane Hein, 20min, ©1988 [Retrospective]
  • THE BRIDGE OF CAPUTH by Eva Fritzsche, 15min, 1949 [Retrospective]
  • DIALOGUE | DIALOG by Roza Berger-Fiedler, 27min, ©1978 [Retrospective]
  • DIARY OF A GERMAN WOMAN | DU BIST MIN. EIN DEUTSCHES TAGEBUCH by Michael Englberger, Hans-Joachim Funk, Manfred Krause, Andrew Thorndike, Annelie Thorndike [Retrospective]
  • DIARY OF A NARROW-GAUGE FILMMAKER | TAGEBUCH EINES SCHMALFILMERS, 10min, ©1975 [Matinee Sächsisches Staatsarchiv]
  • FRIEDRICHSTADTPALAST by Angelika Andrees, 20min, ©1980 [DEFA Matine]
  • HAVING BABIES? | KINDER KRIEGEN? by Sibylle Schönemann, 18min, ©1976 [Retrospective]
  • HELP, I’M A WOMAN! | HILFE, ICH BIN EINE FRAU! by Edith Schneider, Joachim Schneider, 10min, ©1981, [Matinee Sächsisches Staatsarchiv]
  • HOME | HEIM by Angelika Andrees, Petra Tschörtner, 26min, ©1978 [DEFA Matine]
  • JACKI by Angelika Andrees, 30min, ©1976, [DEFA Matine]
  • KOLLWITZ AND HER CHILDREN | DIE KOLLWITZ UND IHRE KINDER by Christa Mühl, 10min, ©1971 [Retrospective]
  • LIGHTERS (DEFA-KINOBOX 1985/43) | FEUERZEUGE (DEFA-KINOBOX 1985/43) by Angelika Andrees [DEFA Matinee]
  • LIVING MOOR | LEBENDES MOOR by Ingeborg Tölke, 11min, ©1962, [Matinee Sächsisches Staatsarchiv]
  • ONCE I WAS A CHILD | ICH WAR EINMAL EIN KIND by Tamara Trampe, 17min, ©1986 [Retrospective]
  • PEACE POSTERS | FRIEDENSPLAKATE (DEFA-KINOBOX 1983/21) by Angelika Andrees [DEFA Matine]
  • PETRA’S ADVENTURE | PETRA’S ERLEBNIS by Ingrid Reschke, 6min, ©1956 [Retrospective]
  • REMEMBERING MEANS LIVING | ERINNERN HEISST LEBEN by Roza Berger-Fiedler, 59min, 1987 [Retrospective]
  • UNIMA FESTIVAL (DEFA-KINOBOX 1984/38) byAngelika Andrees, 4min [DEFA Matinee]
  • VIVOS VOCO – I CALL THE LIVING | VIVOS VOCO – ICH RUFE DIE LEBENDEN by Dagnija Osite-Krüger, 22min, 1981, [Retrospective]
  • WOMEN IN NEUROPIN | FRAUEN IN NEURUPIN by Karola Hattop, 29min, ©1972, [Retrospective]
  • WOMEN OF OUR TIME | FRAUEN UNSERER ZEIT by Hanna EMUTH, 15min, ©1969 [Matinee Sächsisches Staatsarchiv]
  • WHO’S AFRAID OF THE BOGEYMAN | WER FÜRCHTET SICH VORM SCHWARZEN MANN by Helke Misselwitz, 52min, ©1989 [Retrospective]
  • WE AND OUR ENVIRONMENT | WIR UND UNSERE UMWELT by Hanna Emuth, 27min, ©1971, [Matinee Sächsisches Staatsarchiv]




The DocuDays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival could not be held in Kyiv this past March 2022 due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Therefore, in a show of solidarity with the Docudays UA team, DOK Leipzig is providing a venue for the 19th edition of that festival. This programme presents the four films selected for the DOCU/UKRAINE national competition along with the opening film BONEY PILES. Download the PDF with the documentaries here.






DOK Industry .

Every year, about 1,600 professional guests from more than 80 countries come to Leipzig to participate in over 50 events under the umbrella of DOK Industry. DOK Industry starts October 13 with Industry first timer tour as a ZoomEvent and continues with

Svitlana Lishchynska receiving the Saxon Award for the Best Documentary Project by a Female Director at the opening ceremony of 65 DOK Leipzig.

Barbara Klepsch and Svitlana Lishchynska
Foto by Viktoria Conzelmann

Saxon State Minister for Culture and Tourism Barbara Klepsch presented the Saxon Award for the Best Documentary Project by a Female Director worth 5,000 Euros, to Ukrainian filmmaker Svitlana Lishchynska for her project A BIT OF A STRANGER. It tells the story of Svitlana’s mother, daughter and granddaughter — three generations of a family from Mariupol who have lost their national identity due to the long-term imperial policy of Moscow and are currently facing the Russian war of aggression.




DOK Co-Pro Market
The 18 DOK Co-Pro Market is taking place October 17–18, 2022 in Leipzig, featuring 34 international documentary projects from 32 countries – including 5 from Germany – in development and matches project holders with new partners for co-production, financing and distribution in two jam-packed days in October.
Download the press release DOK Co-Pro Market 2022 project selection as PDF here.

Selected documentary projects with German authors and/or produktions companies involved are:

  • BECOMING KIM by Susanne Kim, P: Neufilm, Germany
  • BLUM by Jasmila Zbanic, P: Deblokada, Produkcija Živa, Razor Film, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany
  • THE GOD MUST BE MISTAKEN by P: Nosorogi, Neue Celluloid Fabrik, Slovenia, Germany
  • THE HAZING by Elyor Nematov, P: Einbahnstraße Productions, Uzbekistan, Germany
  • HOW TO TALK TO LYDIA? by Rusudan Gaprindashvili, P: Black Market Film Production, Germany
  • ON THE EDGE OF MY SHADOW by Ziad Kalthoum, P: Kaske Film, IDA Films, Odeh Films, Germany, France, Palestinian Territories
  • SUPERPOSITION by Gesa Hollerbach, P: CORSO Film, Germany





DOK Preview Germany with seven new German film projects ready for an international audience


...and the D-Facto Motion Works-in-Progress Prize, a post-production grant of 10,000 Euros goes to 300 TRILLION by Rudolph Herzog, Neue Celluloid Fabrik



Awards presented at the 2022 edition are:

  • Saxon Award for the Best Documentary Project by a Female Director
    (along with 5,000 EUR)
  • Current Time TV Award (along with 1,500 EUR)
  • The EWA Diverse Voices Award (along with 1,000 euros and a year-long mentorship by DOK Leipzig)
  • Unifrance Doc Award (along with subtitling services sponsored by TitraFilm and a Unifrance membership for its French producer)













Tuesday, October 18 from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m., our traditional AG DOK Panel [sorry in German only] will take place at the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum (Grimmaische Straße 6, on the 3rd floor) as part of the DOK.Leipzig Festival, this time on the following topic:

Die ARD nach der sogenannten 'Krise im RBB'

ARD after the so-called 'Crisis at RBB'
What reforms do the supervisory bodies need to prevent such systemic failure in the future?

The broadcasters urgently need supervisory bodies that are capable of fulfilling the expectations and tasks placed upon them. What organizational and personnel changes do the ARD bodies need in order to be prepared for the challenges ahead? We will discuss these questions with Saxony's Minister of State for Media, a WDR broadcasting councillor, a long-time media politician, a director and former editorial director of SWR, and an academic, in order to chart paths for strong public broadcasting that can fulfill its important social function in the future.


  • Oliver Schenk
    Head of the Saxon State Chancellery, Minister of State for Federal Affairs and Media
    Tabea Rößner Journalist, author and editor, member of DIE GRÜNEN [The Green Party] in the German Bundestag since 2009
  • Petra Schmitz
    Member of the WDR-Rundfunkrat [WDR Broadcasting Council] since 2016, Head of the Documentary Film Initiative (dfi) at the Filmbüro NW until 2020
  • Goggo Gensch
    Director, author, curator, from 2017 to 2019 director of the SWR Doku-Festival and the German Documentary Film Award, member of the AG DOK and section head of the documentary film section in the DAfF
  • Dominik Speck
    Research associate at the Institute of Journalism at TU Dortmund University and author of the expertise Öffentliche Anteilnahme ermöglichen. Transparenz, Aufsicht und öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk in Deutschland [Enabling Public Participation. Transparency, Supervision and Public Broadcasting in Germany] (commissioned by the DGB).

Moderation: Vera Linß, moderator and journalist

 © 2022 Erik Meininger, AG DOK
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