The Golden Dove in the German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film in conjunction with 3,000 euros was presented to LIFT LIKE A GIRL, a joint Danish-Egyptian-German production by Mayye Zayed. The filmmaker follows Asmaa, aged 14 at the start, for four years. With the help of her coach, a former professional athlete, Asmaa makes her way to the top league in weightlifting in the streets of Alexandria.
The Silver Dove in the German Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film, in conjunction with 1,500 euros in prize money, has been awarded to ERWIN by Jan Soldat, a Austrian-German co-production.
For all the winners of the Golden and Silver Doves visit the page of the festival or watch the ceremony here.


The recipients of the partnership awards are:
DEFA Sponsoring Prize (4,000 euros): RIFT FINFINNEE by Daniel Kötter, Ethiopia, Germany
Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize (2,000 euros): THE GUARDIAN by Martina Priessner, Germany
ver.di Prize for Solidarity, Humanity and Fairness (2,500 euros): 80.000 SCHNITZELS by Hannah Schweier, Germany.
Young Eyes Film Award (2,000 euros): OPERATION MOONBIRD by Dustin Lose, Germany 
Gedanken-Aufschluss — Short Film: RIVEN THREADS by Deborah Jeromin, Germany
for all partnerships awards visit the page of the festival or watch the ceremony here.

All of the award-winning films as well as the remaining films offered online will continue to be available to audiences in Germany the streaming platform The final films of the festival will be shown online on 14 November.


 The selection committee has chosen a total of 17 productions for the German Competitions for Long and Short Documentary and Animated Films, including works by Andreas Voigt, Jan Soldat, Carsten Rau, Martina Priessner, Bettina Ellerkamp and Jörg Heitmann. The filmmakers take a close look at Germany and are just as curious about local stories outside of Germany.




The films in the International Competitions tell the stories of Congolese war-disabled people struggling for compensation, of a legal and medical scandal in Argentina around an abortion and of the London lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some further films focus on the United States and use various approaches to provide a cinematic commentary on the state of the country. Shelly Silver returns to our festival with her new film GIRLS/MUSEUM that follows girls from seven to nineteen years of age looking at works of arts in the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (MdbK), most of which were created by men.




 Kids DOK





DOK Industry


 VIRAL by Udi Nir & Sagi Bornstein, 8x10 or 90min


DOK Preview  Germany Live Presentation
Monday, 26 October, 15:30 – 17:00 (CET)
Moderated by: Simone Baumann ( german films) & Tanja Georgieva (Elemag Pictures, Gera)
DOK Preview Germany is brought to you together with AG DOK & German Films.

DOK Industry: Every year, more than 1,800 professional guests from more than 60 countries come to Leipzig to participate in over 50 events under the umbrella of DOK Industry.
Up-and-coming filmmakers gaining their first experiences as well as award-winning, veteran filmmakers from across the globe mingle with the highest-quality German and international decision makers and funders in a cosy, laid back atmosphere. This is the meeting place for artistic documentary and a growing hub for interactive and immersive arts practitioners and experts.
• 120+ festival programmers
• 300+ commissioners, buyers, distributors, sales agents and funders
• 350+ producers
• More than 1,100 scheduled individual meetings at the Co-Pro Market and Meet the Experts Meetings
• Daily networking Get Together cocktails and parties
• Over 20,000 € in services and prizes to win
• Interactive Conference Day with 80 immersive artists and experts

Due COVID-19 crisis head of DOK Industry Brigid O'Shea is preparing the very first online edition of the DOK Industry Programme at DOK Leipzig 2020.

 WEBINAR: Get to know your DOK Co-Pro


  • DOK Co-Pro Market
    Due to the ongoing public health crisis COVID-19 and its impact on the audiovisual industry, the DOK Industry Programme will be an online offering in 2020. This includes the DOK Co-Pro Market. Feature-length documentaries, interactive works and series that contain creative documentary elements are welcome to submit.
    35 projects in development or early stages of production will meet online on October 26 & 27, 2020 to meet potential co-producers, co-financiers, broadcasters, funds, distributors and sales representatives. The goal is to expand networks, create fruitful opportunities to finance new creative documentaries and face the radical challenges that have presented themselves this year head on.
    Submissions ends August 1, 2020.
  • DOK Film Market
    Discover more than 200 new documentary and animation titles ready for international circulation and distribution in our curated video library. Rights holders can also take advantage of priority access to the DOK Industry Services.[ DOK Film Market Catalogue]
  • Interactive Conference Day
    Take a day for inspiration and community at the DOK Interactive Conference Day if you are curious about new ways of telling stories and forms of artistic expression. Look here for connection with peers also working in the fields of immersive arts!
  • DOK Short n’ Sweet
    3 minutes to convince a panel of experts to finance your next short! Open for animation, documentary and whatever border-pushing format you can dream of. The pitch will take place online like the complete DOK Industry programme. The call for short films will open in September 2020.
  • DOK Preview Germany
    Discover fresh new German titles ready for international audiences: DOK Preview Germany will give you a small taste of what is to come. Carefully curated with international distribution in mind, this presentation includes a mix of work-in-progress, newly completed films and world premieres from the DOK Leipzig competition. Take a guided tour through the German creative documentary landscape and stay for a drink and a snack to network with the rights holders’ of the films and your international colleagues.
    DOK Preview Germany Live Presentation
    Monday, 26 October, 15:30 – 17:00 (CET)
    Moderated by: Simone Baumann ( german films) & Tanja Georgieva (Elemag Pictures, Gera)
    DOK Preview Germany is brought to you together with AG DOK & German Films.

  • DOK Preview Training Projects
    Get a small taste of excellent new films looking for festival premieres, gap financing and distribution partners in collaboration with 8 different training initiatives from across Europe. DOK Leipzig selects one outstanding project from each training initiative to participate in a presentation refresher workshop and networking events, culminating in a lively presentation. Each project, often helmed by self-confident new talents, shows exciting ambition and beautiful cinematic handwriting. We are very happy to share them with you, and give a final push for their successful global circulation.

  • ...for more information please visit the website DOK Industry or DOK Industry FB


© 2017 Thomas Dietze - DOK Leipzig

DOK Leipzig Guest List .



This year again, AG DOK will host/hosted an event at DOK Leipzig. Due to the pandemic, it will take/took place online as all the others DOK Industry events on Monday, October 26, 2020 with the Topic FILM FESTIVALS: FRIEND OR FOE? / FESTIVALS: FREUND ODER FEIND? 
[The event has been recorded and is available in the youtube channel of AG DOK:]
In the internal part in the morning there will be a discussion with filmmakers, producers, distributors and cinema operators about the increasing relevance of festivals for the exploitation chain of documentary films and the consequences of digitalisation in this area. Together there will be explored how the festival world must look like in order to provide the ideal basis for the successful exploitation of cinema documentaries.

The results of the workshop will be presented in a publicly accessible [ZOOM]webinar in the afternoon:
14:00 h to approx. 15:00 here:
Spectators* can participate via the chat function. The presentation is recorded and will be available on the websites of AG DOK and DOK Leipzig.

With directors and producers susan gluth (gluthfilm) & Hauke Wendler (Pier 53), producers Ira Tondowski (Tondowski Film) & Erik Winker (CORSO Film), cinemamanagers Christian Pfeil (AG-Kino) & Petra Rockenfeller (Lichtburg Filmpalast Oberhausen). World Sales agents Elina Kewitz (New Docs) und Stefan Kloos (Rise and Shine World Sales), distributers Holger Recktenwald (mindjazz pictures) & Joachim Kühn (RFF — RealFiction Filmverleih). Further with Simone Baumann (German Films) & Katrin Mersmann (FFHSH) .







You can find more about the workshops and their guests here—German only—. single page
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