Pink Mao

a film by Tang Han

Pink Mao

2020 | 22:30 min

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Documentary Short film
Why do we see certain colours even when they aren’t there? Chinese director Tang Han meticulously analyses the 100 Yuan bill, which carries a portrait of Mao Zedong, and finds that – despite official representations and general perception – the note is pink rather than red. In a serious tone and colourful, merry images she also casually upsets any number of other entrenched notions about digitalization, globalization, capitalism and gender. [Borjana Gaković, 64 DOK Leipzig]

Jury’s comments of “Award for Excellence” at 34th Image Forum Festival
This essay film takes an interesting and unusual point of view of the color on the Chinese hundred yuan
note to raise various questions on authority, stereotypes, and other historical and modern issues. Instead
of digging in academic statements or official documents, TANG conducts her research more widely from
linguistics, pop culture, gender identity, art history, consumerism then into digital age crisis. These materials
may seem not so relevant or connected but through this well presented work we can almost perceive the
young generation’s perspectives and concerns towards future society and new digital world.
Award for Excellence – 34 Image Forum Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Silver Dove – 64 DOK Leipzig
39 Kassel DOKFEST

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  • Director Tang Han
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