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In the Best Mid-Length Documentary category, the jury acknowledged OMI NOBU – THE NEW MAN (D: Carlos Yuri Ceuninck, | P: Aurélien Bodinaux, Natasha Craveiro, Paulo de Carvalho, Gudula Meinzolt, Alyaa Musa | Cape Verde, Belgium, Germany, Sudan | 2023 | 64 min), which tells the story of Quirino, the sole inhabitant of Ribeira Funda, isolated by his village’s superstitious legacy and living beneath the very real threat of the unstable cliffside that borders it. Jury Statement: “Honourable mention goes to a breathtaking, cinematic film that closely observes the last days of the last man to live in a remote and ghost-ridden village on an island in Cape Verde. The New Man captures the symbiotic relationship between man and nature raising important questions about the implications of climate breakdown.” [source: all award winners]





LineUp German productions and co-productions:

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Among the selected projects are with German participation:

  • TEA WITH THE TALIBAN by Ovidio Salazar, P: Faction Films Ltd. (UK), Nadcon GmbH (Germany). As Taliban leaders strive to rebuild Afghanistan in their own image, pulled between the demands of The West and their own ideology, pressures mount on the ground for the people.[hot doc forum pitch]
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT PRISONERS by Zakaria Rahmani, P: Fruitmarket Arts & Media GmbH (Germany), Ard Mhacha Productions (Ireland), One ends up being Guantanamo Bay’s highest value detainee while his cousin, a close advisor to Usama bin Laden, is detained in Iran, where he becomes the most important prisoner. Captured by opposing sides in the War on Terror, the two cousins shared the same fate of becoming the most important prisoners. There struggle for survival offers a unique and untold view on the war on terror, its causes and consequences. [deal makers]
  • THE SOLDIER'S JOURNEY by Helena Maksyom, Privu A. Adrian PFA (Romania), Perennial Lens GmbH (Germany), Een Van de Jongens (Netherlands), Astrae Productions (Switzerland) What does it take for Helena, a filmmaker to pick up a weapon in the most ruthless war the world has experienced since World War II and still try not to lose hope in humanity and the future? [deal makers]

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Decisions Makers from Germany are:
Monoduo Films, Ben Bassauer .
NEW DOCS, Elina Kewitz .
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), Sabine Bubeck-Paaz .
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), Wolfgang Bergmann .




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