GUESTS MEET GUESTS by German Films & German Documentaries, Sunday November 13, 2022, 6p.m. at Felix Merits, Keizersgracht 324. All IDFA Guests are invited to meet, exchange ideas, and have a drink.

Let's meet again at 36 IDFA November 8-19, 2023!


IDFA 2022 Guests Meet Guests at Felix Meritis Zuilenlounge
Foto: 2022 Melle Maivogel




With THE HAMLET SYNDROME by Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosolowski, winner of Roman Brodmann Prize as well as Grand Prix Semaine de la critique – 75 Locarno IFF,  on Wednesday evening September 28, 2022 IDFA's Fall Special is taking place in Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam with the Dutch premiere of the documentary. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Elwira Niewiera.



LineUp of German productions and co-productions






Meet producers, sales agents and directors from Germany among others:

Arne Birkenstock [Fruitmarket Kultur und Medien GmbH]
Antje Boehmer, Neke Huff [Docdays Productions]
Lina Dinkla [DOK Leipzig]
Anja Dzierks, Stefan Kloos [Rise and Shine World Sales]
Georg Gruber [MAGNETFILM - World Sales]
Monika Haas [DOK.fest Munich]
Kai Hermann [NOISE Film&TV]
Michael Höfner [GMfilms]
Nele Huff [Docdays Productions]
Natalia Imaz [parabellum film GmbH]
Tina Janker [HFF Munich]
Michael Kalb [HFF Munich]
Lena Karbe [Karbe Film GmbH]
Adele Kohout [DOK.fest Munich]
Sonia Otto [Gebrüder Beetz Filmprod.]
Ulli Pfau [EIKON Media GmbH]
Holger Recktenwald [Mindjazz Pictures Distribution & World Sales]
Katharina Pethke [director of ©2022 Uncanny Me, ©2021 Everyman and I, ©2019 Elsa In-Between, ©2011 Louisa, ©2009 Burning within]
Philip Scheffner [PONG]
Luisa Schwamborn [NEW DOCS - World Sales]
Nele Stoß [DOK.fest Munich]
Stefano Strocchi [Unknown Media GmbH]
Christoph Terhechte [DOK Leipzig]
Alex Tondowski [Tondowski Films]
Rebeccda Zehr [taro films]









This year marks the 35th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, with a trend-setting program of films, talks, performances, and interactive and immersive projects throughout the town. For professionals, markets and talks program will return in full swing, with plenty of goodies to be announced in the lead-up to the festival. Klick herefor KEY-DATES.

As the festival approaches, keep an eye on this page for a complete overview of the main industry venues at IDFA's 2022 website here.

IDFA's markets

IDFA hosts a dynamic marketplace that caters to filmmakers, producers, and industry professionals throughout the full life cycle of documentary film. For three decades, our array of market services has a proven track record in the international documentary industry, whether you are looking to form new partnerships, initiate dialogue, find financial support, meet distribution partners, or gain knowledge about the current documentary climate. Get an overview of the various market activities to find the one that best suits your needs here.


The upcoming edition of Docs for Sale takes place Friday, November 11 to Wednesday, November 16, 2022.
Docs for Sale facilitates the sales and distribution of high-end documentary films, providing one-on-one meetings, bespoke services, and strategic know-how for IDFA-selected films as well as other outstanding titles on today's market. Over the years, it has grown into one of the world’s premier markets and distribution incubators for documentary cinema, welcoming artistic documentary films from all over the world. Please note the submission deadline is September 8, 2022.
The market is open to films that target cinema, television, and online audiences, facilitating one-on-one meetings between film teams and buyers, festival programmers, sales agents, and distributors, in addition to offering bespoke services for films looking to maximize their launch and exposure at IDFA. Now housed under the same roof as IDFA Forum, in Amsterdam's Felix Meritis, Docs for Sale has become the integral final stop for films looking for distribution.




including German productions and co-productions such as:




IDFA FORUM takes place from Saturday, November 12 to Wednesday, November 16.
• Submission open: June 13
• Submission deadline: August 1, 23:59 CEST
• Accreditation opens: July 1
• Observer accreditation deadline: October 1
• Producers Connection presentations: Saturday, November 12
• Producers Connection meetings: Sunday, November 13 to Tuesday, November 15
• Rough Cut Presentations: Sunday, November 13
• Forum Pitch presentations: Sunday, November 13 to Tuesday, November 15
• IDFA DocLab Forum presentations: Monday, November 14 to Tuesday, November 15
• IDFA Forum & IDFA DocLab Forum meetings: Monday, November 14 to Wednesday, November 16


IDFA Forum Pitch: Selected projects

  • Catching Them Young by Pankaj Johar, P: Penny Wise Films (India), Ventana Film (Germany)
  • Niñxs by Kani Lapuerta, P: La Sandía Digital Producción Audiovisual (Mexico), JYOTI FILMS, DIRKMANTHEY FILM (Germany)



IDFA DocLab Forum takes place November 14-16, 2022.
• Presentations & Pitches: November 14-15 (mornings)
• One-on-one meetings: November 14-16

 IDFA DocLab Forum: Selected projects

  • The Chaos Simulator by Dov Heichemer, P: XR Coven (Germany)
  • DoX by Nimrod Shanit, P: HCXR - Holy City VR (Canada), INVR.SPACE GmbH (Germany)
  • Masquerade. Chapter One: Pillaro's Devil's Dance, by Juan Pablo Urgilés, P: Imán Transmedia (Ecuador), INVR.SPACE GmbH (Germany), Realidad 360º Argentina (Argentina)



are a testament to the evolving world of documentary film. From emerging art forms to established cinematic traditions, our slate of competitions and non-competitive sections offer something for every filmmaker and film lover.

  • International Competition
    The best of the art. Singular films that are artistically confident, well-rounded, and universally relevant. An international jury of five jurors will award the best film as well as other films that champion the craft and innovation of filmmaking.
  • Envision Competition
    With stylistic integrity and courage, these films traverse our current reality, offering visions of a documentary art form that can, might, and will be. An international jury of five jurors will award the best film as well as other films that champion the craft and innovation of filmmaking.
  • IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction
    A testament to the power of exceptional non-fiction storytelling across media and technologies, the selected works for the IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction reveal the full spectrum of immersive art. An international jury of three jurors will award the best project in addition to handing out a special jury award.
  • IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling
    The selected projects in the IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling illustrate all the different ways to create stories in new ways to innovate and re-imagine the potential of interactive storytelling, often moving between the digital and the physical. An international jury of three jurors will award the best project in addition to handing out a special jury award.
  • IDFA Competition for Short Documentary
    The IDFA Competition for Short Documentary has titles that showcase a healthy boom for the short film form. A mosaic of styles and themes defines this selection, exploring everything a short documentary can be. An international jury of three jurors will award the best film.
  • IDFA Competition for Youth Documentary
    The IDFA Competition for Youth Documentary (formerly the IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs) presents a world-class offering of documentary films for audiences aged eight to thirteen. An international jury of three jurors will award the best film.
  • Luminous
    The premiere-only section’s lineup includes a wide range of styles and formalist approaches, from observational to personal to experimental. The Luminous section presents 24 titles and a wide spectrum of stylistic approaches: from cinéma vérité to experimental; from artist-driven works to socio-politically engaged films. Together, they claim the personal as a window onto the universal. Explore the titles.
  • Frontlight
    The premiere-only section take an artistic approach to exploring the urgent issues of our time. This year's Frontlight section consists of 23 films, showcasing a leading cohort of truth-seeking filmmakers who don’t compromise on stylistic integrity. Together, they reflect on some shocking global developments in the media industry, the economic systems that preside over lives around the world and urgent political events currently unfolding around us. Explore the titles.
  • IDFA on Stage
    selection presents a boundary-breaking program of live cinema events — bridging film, new media, and the performing arts. Explore the selection below. The final title will be announced on October 20.
  • IDFA DocLab Spotlight
    Documentary art across disciplines, presenting emerging media works and research projects by masters and new talents.
  • Paradocs
    The Paradocs program returns with a selection of 10 films, showcasing the year’s leading experimental documentary art. From surrealist works about subterranean spaces to nostalgic homages to a city, this section is truly genre-bending. Explore the selection.
    The latest films by today’s auteurs of documentary cinema, whose renowned names and careers never disappoint.
    Prize-winners, public favorites, and high-profile titles from the international festival circuit.
  • Top 10
    Ten films selected by IDFA’s Guest of Honor, from influential masterpieces to hidden documentary gems. Long prolific in the spheres of documentary and journalism, Poitras’ fearless filmmaking has changed the world as we know it. Her unflinching examination of oppression, representation, and resistance, well-known from her own body of work, finds new affinity in her Top 10 program, in which Poitras curates ten films key to the human condition. Explore the titles in the program.
  • Focus Program: Around Masculinity
    From the alpha male to toxic masculinity, the focus program Around Masculinity interrogates the problematic social construct that is masculinity from a variety of perspectives. The curated section homes in on a blind spot in film history, inviting audiences to take a hard look at their heroes by re-reading classics. Other themes explored include fragile masculinity, masculinity seen through its relation to religion and nationalism and institutional domination of women by men.
  • Focus Program: Playing Reality
    Bringing the drama of documentary film center stage, the titles in this focus program creatively reimagine the concept of theatricality. The selection includes films that are centered around the performativity of language and voice; use re-enactment as a documentary film instrument; utilize the physical space of the theater; experiment with mise-en-scène; and more. More titles to be announced.




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