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IN UKRAINE by Piotr Pawlus and Tomasz Wolski




 54 VdR Nyon, April 21—30, 2023


The 163 documentaries – including more than a dozen German productions and co-productions – offer a panorama that often challenges the boundaries between fiction and reality. 46 countries are represented in the the official selection for the 54th edition of Visions du Réel. The 2023 programme of the International Filmfestivl Nyon features an equal number of films from female and male directors, and is rich, with a wonderfully wide range of formats, approaches and countries represented. Visions du Réel will be held in Nyon and Gland from 21 to 30 April in person and online, with its streaming platform available from 24 to 30 April. Everyday, from Monday 24 April, a series of films from the official selection will be available online for a limited period. 




LineUp of German productions and co-productions



Visions du Réel Industry, April 21-30, 2023

VdR–Industry [April 23—27, 2023] is dedicated to cinema professionals and its activities represent a springboard for future films to find support in every stage of their production.

PROJECTS with German participation:

  • GABIN, A YOUTH IN THE BAKLAND by Maxence Voiseux, France, Germany [pitching]
  • JUST LIKE A DREAM by Corine Shawi, Lebanon, Germany [VdR-Development Lab]
  • RISING UP AT NIGHT by Nelson Makengon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, Germany, Burkina Faso [work in progress]
  • MISTY – THE ERROL GARNER STORY by Georges Gachot, Switzerland, France, Germany, [SWISS FILMS Previews]


 VdR Film Market

The VdR–Film Market, formerly known as the Media Library, is an online platform that includes a selection of +400 new creative documentaries with international potential. It groups Visions du Réel’s Official selection as well as many more unreleased documentaries proposed by our own selection committee, partner institutions, sales agents and producers. The purpose of the Film Market is to facilitate exchanges, purchases and potential sales of new films. Here some of the German productions or co-production in the media library at the VdR-Film Market 2023


 Press Release of March 28, 2023.


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and the 55th edition of Visions du Réel will take place April 12—21, 2024, submission starts September 5, 2023.