52 Visions du Réel, Nyon
April 15-25, 2021


52 Visions du Réel will present 142 films originating from 58 countries. 41% of the films selected were directed by women; 31 films are first films. While the International Film Festival Nyon will be held predominantly in a virtual format, its official selection emphasises its pioneering role when it comes to exploring the spectrum of documentary filmmaking practices. Moreover, with 26 Swiss (co)productions, the festival affirms itself as an essential partner of national creation.

 Discover the Flashback video of the 52nd edition of Visions du Réel!

LineUp German productions and co-productions 




VdR–Industry will take place from April 14 to April 22, both online and in person.
Dedicated to cinema professionals, VdR–Industry and its activities represent a springboard for future films to find support in every stage of their production.

Browse the VdR-Film-Market-Catalogue 2021 here.

The Wolves Always Come at Night by Gabrielle Brady Germany, Australia, Mongolia, P: Julia Niethammer with CHROMOSOM FILM GmbH ,

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