Operation Moonbird

a film by Dustin Lose

Operation Moonbird

Germany | 2020 | 22:00 min

Content Categories

Documentary Short film
A person swims for their life in the open sea. A European merchant vessel starts its engines and sails away from them. The pilot of a civilian aerial reconnaissance plane admonishes the captain and appeals to his conscience. The Libyan coast guard and the swimming person reach the decks of the European merchant vessel at the same time. Outcome unknown... (AG-Kurzfilm)

A gloomy filmic contribution to sea rescue and a con-centrated revelation of the mechanisms of systematic flight prevention in the Mediterranean and the people responsible for it. This is not a film about the alleged refugee problem but one about the problem called Europe.
Young Eyes Film Award – 63 DOK Leipzig
Cast and Crew
  • Director Dustin Lose
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