The GRANIT – Hof Documentary Award 2023 goes to FRANK MEYER by Leonhard Hofmann and Riccardo Dejan Jurkovic. Special mentions go to RESTORATION by Gudrun Gruber as well as SLEEPING GIANT by Markus Schröder.





57 Hof IFF, October 24-30, 2023

With a total number of 44 – including 26 German productions and co-productions – documentaries are well-represented at the 57 Hof IFF. Among them is Austrian filmmaker Günter Schwaiger, who has already screened his films in Hof several times, and this time will present the German premiere of WHO IS AFRAID OF HITLER'S TOWN?A HOUSE AND THE PAST WITHIN US, [57 Hof IFF] a very personal film that attracted international attention, as well as PROJECT BALLHAUSPLATZ – RISE AND FALL OF SEBASTIAN KURZ [57 Hof IFF] by Kurt Langbein, an other Austrian production in the programm.


LineUp German documentary productions and co-productions among others:

Accompanying the screenings in the cinema, festival films will be available online at HoF On-Demand in the plus7streamdays until Sunday, November 05, 2023. Download the schedule as PDF here. Find the direct links to the film description and possibility to stream the films all across Germany by clicking [57 Hof IFF] in the list above. single page:
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