Frauen gegen Krieg

a film by Helga Reidemeister


Germany | 2004 | 93:00 min

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Helga Reidemeister portrays four women from Afghanistan—Jamila Mujahed, India—Arundhati Roy, Serbia—Stasa Zajovic and the USA—Sissy Farenthold, who demonstrate their opposition to nationalism and war.

In TEXAS—KABUL director Helga Reidemeister shows four committed women, who do not tolerate war and don’t want to be silent about it.
A political road movie, a journey around the planet, searching for meaning in times of war, and a journey into the own past. The director, worried by the announcement of the wars following the tragedy of September 11th in New York, seeks allies to act prudently in the panic erupted.
She finds four women in four different countries of the world. Arundhati Roy, from New Delhi, world famous writer of the novel “The God of Small Things” is considered to be “the voice of the third world” and a militant opponent of globalization.
Stasa Zajovic, from Belgrade, a founder of the pacifist group “Women in Black”, was active in resistance against the Milosevic dictatorship. She was awarded with the „Millennium Peace Prize“ of the UN in 2000.
Jamila Mujahed has experienced 23 years of war in Kabul. She is the editor of “Malalai”, the only women’s magazine in Afghanistan. In 2004 she was awarded with the Johann-Philipp Palm Preis for the freedom of expression and freedom of press.
Sissy Farenthold, law professor from Texas, former Member of Parliament and candidate for the post of Gouverneur, worked as a human rights observer for the UN. She is now preparing a tribunal for Iraq war.

Cast and Crew
  • Director Helga Reidemeister
  • Producer Zoran Solomun (Ohne Gepäck Filmproduktion, Berlin), Helga Reidemeister
  • Director of Photography Lars Barthel, Yoliswa von Dallwitz
  • Editor Dörte Völz
  • Sound Nic Nagel, Knut Beulich
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