Jury’s word on the winner of the HISTORYsection “Through an intimate story OUR SISTER ANGELA opens a new window on the story of Angela Davis’s visit to the GDR in the seventies to reveal propaganda and intrigue between East and West adding surprising insight to the dangerous tensions of today.

OUR SISTER ANGELA – BLACK POWER IN THE GDR by Jascha Hannover, Katharina Warda, P: Florianfilm GmbH (Germany), Dare Pictures (United Kingdom), La Lutta (United States)




"This 35th anniversary edition was a blast! Over four days, the market gathered 2100 participants from 68 countries, over 1000 companies, 90 exhibitors, and 250 international decision-makers including major broadcasters, streamers, foundations, distributors, financiers, and museums from around the world. The event welcomed 40 delegations from countries such as Australia, Spain, Brazil, Canada, and a large number of participants from China once again this year." The 36th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc, is scheduled for June 23-26, 2025.






Let's meet again at our booth and join our meet&greet on June 27, 5-6. p.m. 


Selected projects with German participation:

  • OUR SISTER ANGELA – BLACK POWER IN THE GDR by Jascha Hannover, Katharina Warda, P: Florianfilm GmbH (Germany), Dare Pictures (United Kingdom), La Lutta (United States)
    In the 1970s, an enthusiastic solidarity movement for Black civil rights activist Angela Davis emerges in the GDR. She attracts hundreds of thousands of people during her visits to the country. But all this enthusiasm is deceptive…. Katharina Warda tells this often-overlooked piece of Black East German from her personal perspective. [history]
  • NIEMEYER 4 EVER by Aurélia Makedessi, P: Special Touch Studios (France), The Attic Productions (Lebanon), Mayana Films (Germany)
    In northern Lebanon, an improbable place revives hope: the International Fair of Oscar Niemeyer, yet officially closed to the public. The walls do not prevent dreams, nor birds from flying. [arts & culture]
  • OUR LAND, OUR FREEDOM by Meena Nanji, Zippy Kimundu, P: Twende Films (United States), Afrofilms International (Kenya), Muiraquitã Filmes (Portugal), Autentika Films (Germany)
    A powerful Kenyan woman’s search for her father’s remains becomes an investigation into British colonial atrocities and a grassroots movement to reclaim ancestral land. [impact campaigns]
  • UNCONVENTIONAL GARDENERS by Alessandro Bernarnd, Paolo Ceretto, P: Zenit Arti Audiovisive (Italy), Dirk Manthey Film (Germany).
    In an ancient valley devastated by a hurricane, two visionary scientists listen to the genius loci of the wounded forest. A cinematic journey to the edge of science in search of a new intelligence that can change our future. [science]
  • Browse all selected projects here.







The official jury for Sunny Side of the Doc 2024 with 21 professionals will have the challenging task of selecting the winners in each pitch category. For this 35th edition, diversity will be emphasized, with a jury consisting of producers, distributors, broadcasters, former pitchers, foundations, and market representatives from 12 countries.


global issues [cash prize € 3,000.-] jury members:
Natasha Gadd (AIDC)
Catherine Olson (Passionate 4 Docs)
Anthony Dufour (HIKARI)

nature & conservation [cash prize € 3,000.-] jury members:
Amy Stone (ITV Studios)
Annette Scheurich (MARCO POLO FILM AG)

science [cash prize € 3,000.-] jury members:
Valérie Abita (INA)
Laurence Thiriat (GOOD TO KNOW S.A.S.)

history [cash prize € 3,000.-] jury members:
Judy Rymer (Rymer Childs)
Catherine Alvaresse (KM PRODUCTION)

arts & culture [cash prize € 3,000.-] jury members:
Tiago Ornaghi (GLOBOPLAY)
impact campaigns

impact campaigns [cash prize € 3,000.-] jury members:
Opal H. Bennet (PBS / POV / American Documentary)
Hollie Fifer (Doc Society)

new voices [cash prize € 3,000.-] jury members:
Adel Ksiksi (Aljazeera Documentary Channel)
Julianna Ugrin (ECLIPSE FILM)
Aleksandra Drewienko (CAT&Docs)


 German producers find more information 'how to join the German delegation' here: __German only__.




with 250 decision-makers / 134 companies / 36 countries

The Guide to Decision Makers 2024 — for only 90€ (Excl. Tax) — is designed to help producers and industry professionals find buyers, sharing keys to understanding what buyers want as you develop concepts and create strategies for pitches.

• Which channels/platforms worldwide buy documentaries, specials, and series?
• Who are the key decision-makers?
• What are they looking for?
• How many hours most buyers commission and acquire each year.
• How to contact them?


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