FATMA SAID: REVIVING A FORGOTTEN TREASURE by Ralf Pleger, THE PICKERS by Elke Sasse, as well as  VIETNAM – OUR VOICE UNHEARD by Lucio Mollica are awarded with Best Pitch. CONGRATULATION to the authors and German producers winning in three different categories!


Over four days the 34th edition Sunny Side of the Doc brought together more than 2,000 participants from 64 countries, 1,000 companies, 90 exhibitors and 300 international decision-makers representing major broadcasters, streamers, foundations, sales agents, funders and also museums from all over the world, and welcomed 40 delegations from Spain, Canada, Australia and China, who were back in force this year. The 35th edition is scheduled for June 24–27, 2024 in La Rochelle, France.


OUR VOICE UNHEARD by Lucio Mollica, produced by LOOKS Film
wins the Best History Pitch 

Jury’s word: "Incredible access to unknown archives, the digital work that was put into accessing it… and the point of view! Bravo."




  THE PICKERS by Elke Sasse, produced by Berlin Producers
wins the Best Impact Campaigns Pitch

Jury’s word: "Because of the global and timely relevance of the topic the film presents, because of the wide range of allies and partners the campaing may have; and because of the potential it has for impact actions at the community, corporate, institutional and government level, we would like to give this award to the film project THE PICKERS, directed by Elke Sasse and produced by Kristian Kaelher." Congratulation to Berlin Prducers Media GmbH!



produced by 3B-Produktion wins the Best Arts & Culture Pitch

Jury’s word: "This is a project we want to see on screens because it tells a story that bridges the gap between the past and present, classical and contemporary cultures, and the Arabic and Western worlds. The main character is compelling as she serves as a true ambassador for her generation. The pitch was well-prepared and successfully involved the character in the presentation, showcasing her deep involvement in the entire project." Congratulation to 3B-Produktion GmbH!





Meet our representatives Björn Jensen & George Kalomenopoulos at booth B04. 

Meet&Greet at 5pm on June 19, 2023




This year, 42 projects from 23 countries – including 6 projects from Germany – have the privilege to compete for the best pitch prize in each category. Discover the official selection of the 7 pitching sessions such as GOBAL ISSUES | NATURE & CONSERVATION | SCIENCE | HISTORY | ARTS & CULTURE | IMPACT CAMPAIGNS | NEW VOICES.


  • APOLLO 1: ETERNAL FLAME by Mark Craig, P: Seventyone Films, [history]
    A the story of the world’s first space tragedy – which took the lives of three exceptional astronauts. It tells of the devastating impact on their families, and the lasting influence the accident has had on all space flights since, as Artemis prepares to return humans to the Moon. 
  • CLIMATE WARS by Johan Gabrielsson, P: Tremoniamedia Filmproduktion GmbH [global issues]
    A soldier-turned-activist explores future security threats and the military’s increasing role within a changing climate.
  • FATMA SAID – REVIVING A FORGOTTEN TREASURE by Ralf Pleger, P: 3B-Produktion GmbH, [arts&culture]
    A colorful, touching, and entertaining documentary and film musical that bridges the cultures of the Middle East and Europe. The film follows acclaimed soprano Fatma Said on her mission to save a treasure of Arab culture that is in danger of disappearing: the astonishing work of Mohamed Abdelwahab.
  • THE PICKERS by Elke Sasse, P: Berlin Producers Media GmbH, [impact campaigns]
    We want cheap fruit and veg, all year. No problem. The Pickers deliver, but they are paying the price for us: Exploited migrants harvest our tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and other fruit and vegetables in Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, or Portugal. Our impact campaign raises awareness among consumers about their personal 'slaves' on the fields.
  • THE SREBRENICA TAPE by Chiara Sambuchi, P: Docdays Productions GmbH [history]
    In possession of a rare VHS tape shot by her father during the enclave years of Srebrenica, Alisa goes on a journey to uncover the history of her war-torn family, in search of understanding and healing. An intimate search for traces and a journey back to the enclave years of Srebrenica and the massacre of July 1995.
  • VIETNAM by Lucio Mollica, P: LOOKS Film & TV Produktionen GmbH [history]
    Between 1945 and 1975, the Vietnamese fought against the French, the Americans and among themselves, in fratricide wars that changed the world. With unprecedented access to Vietnamese archives and witnesses from all sides, the series looks at the history of this country from the perspective of the Vietnamese women and men who lived through it.


Sunny side of the doc has been bringing the international documentary community together for more than 30 years. It organises events and activities throughout the year, and its signature event – the international marketplace – is held live in June in La Rochelle. This year, Sunny Side of the Doc 2023 #ssd23 will put the spotlight on viewers.

Who watches what, where and why?

Documentary is currently enjoying a Golden Age. Streamers have certainly impacted the documentary space, by boosting the exposure and popularity of the genre and pushing for new forms of storytelling. At the same time, with a profusion of content and entertainment options, the audience is ever more fragmented.
What does it take to address and reach an audience, particularly a younger and more diverse audience? We wish to provide the industry with key elements in order to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. To that extent, Sunny Side of the Doc will address this subject in all market activities: panels, discussions, workshops and even pitching sessions.





Ex Oriente Film, a training program powered by Institute of Documentary Film in association with Sunny Side of the Doc, has just unveiled its open program! Conferences, case studies and masterclasses: Sunny Side of the Doc accredited delegates will have the opportunity to take part in some of the Ex Oriente Film workshop activities, being held at the University of La Rochelle. Program highlights will include a case study 'producing documentary series' by Charlotte Uzu (Les Films d'Ici), a masterclass by director Angus McQueen on episodic storytelling and a lecture by Ken-Ichi Imamura on the Asian documentary market.  



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