33 Sunny Side of the Doc, June 20-23, 2022 



This year, 48 projects from 22 countries –including 6 projects with German participation– will be presented across 8 pitching sessions split into three major categories, and supported or sponsored by major industry partners. The best projects from each session will be chosen by a jury of international industry experts. And the eight winners will each receive a cash prize of €3,000 from the respective pitch session sponsors. For the official pitch selection click here.
Follow their global journey through the Observatory Programme available here.

The 33rd edition of the international marketplace for documentary and narrative experiences will take place from 20 to 23 June 2022 in La Rochelle, Espace Encan, Quai Louis Prunier, 17000 La Rochelle



 LineUp of selected projects with participation of German producers:

  • SCIENCE OF BATS by Marion Poellmann [Science]
    Produced by: Blue Paw Artists (Germany)
    A mix of nature, science and investigative story, this film follows four teams of researchers as they use cutting-edge science to unravel the mysteries of how bats operate and live across three continents. Stunning wildlife footage and superb animation reveal a new world as seen through a bat’s eyes.
  • WAR BABY by Natasha Cox [Global Issues]
    Produced by: Miss Guided Films (United Kingdom) , DOCDAYS (Germany) and Mongoose Pictures (United Kingdom)
    War Baby is the story of Lejla Damon, a young British woman born on Christmas Day 1992 in besieged Sarajevo. Child of a rape victim of war, this is Lejla’s extraordinary journey as she returns to Bosnia to discover what happened to her birth mother and come face to face with the ghosts that still haunt the women of Bosnia today.
  • TRAVELING WITH TROTSKY by Vincenzo Cavallo [Immersive Experiences]
    When Trotsky wakes up in the metro of Berlin, 80 years after his death, he realizes that his motherland Ukraine is still struggling against Russians, that his enemy Stalin is dead but that in its place there is another dictator called Putin. The only solution is to reach Lviv to join the resistance.
  • 71% AND RISING by Hendrik S. Schmitt [Immersive Experiences]
    Produced by: SEETREE GmbH (Germany)
    In the decade of the Ocean comes a project that will follow the Ocean’s currents, unravel the problems, show solutions, and connect the dots on a global level. Join us on a life-changing adventure, investigating the biggest Ocean emergencies and identifying (and living) the solutions that can help to restore the health of the Ocean.
  • BLOWING UP AMERICA by Veit Bastian [Arts & Culture]
    Produced by: Heimatfilm GmbH + CO KG (Germany)
    An unlimited budget of millions, an Art House Italian arthouse director, a first time lead actor with a history of psychiatric problems, riots, the Black Panthers, FBI wire taps and a house to explode. What could possibly go wrong? --- Blowing Up America tells the extraordinary true story of director Antonioni and the making of Zabriskie Point.
  • THE BUTTERFLY MURDERS by Michaela Kirst [Nature & Conservation]
    Produced by: sagamedia (Germany)
    The world’s most iconic butterfly migration is under threat of extinction. Yet the human guardians of their sanctuaries are being murdered. Why? In a True Crime of Nature, we find the answers along the incredible 6,000 mile annual odyssey of the Monarch Butterflies, investigating deaths of both man and nature in search of a brighter future.



Sadly, there are still a lot of untold stories, and three projects of the history section deal with the very German topics NS-POLITICS | ORAL HISTORY

  • THE FACTORY’S BASEMENT by Gustavo Ribeiro [History]
    Produced by: Grifa Filmes (Brazil)
    During the military dictatorship in Brazil (1964-1985), a Nazi criminal established a security division inside a Volkswagen plant in São Bernardo do Campo. The company collaborated with the repressive forces to persecute, arrest and torture workers. More than 40 years later, Volkswagen finally admitted its responsibility for human rights violations......
    Awarded with BEST HISTORY PITCH. An award sponsored by PBS International with 3,000 Euros in cash. Jury's Quote: "A very original project on a not well known story. It mixes archives, investigation, incredible characters and questions topics which resonate today."
  • LIBERATION DIARIES by Matteo Parisini [History]
    Produced by: Saxonia Entertainment (Italy)
    End of WWII, 3 women from 3 cities — Milan, Paris and Berlin — give us their account of Europe’s turbulent liberation in their diaries. Their personal stories expand the big historical picture and make LIBERATION DIARIES a story of female self-empowerment, resistance, and resilience.
  • SNATCHED FROM THE SOURCE by Maja Weiss [History]
    Produced by: SENCA STUDIO / BELA FILM (Slovenia)
    A documentary about children of the infamous Nazi program Lebensborn, the search for their origins, their alienation, and reconcilement.



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