offers 357 films in both competitive and non-competitive sections, of which 115 will be in world premiere, 22 in international premiere, and 17 in European premiere.

 "Ji.hlava is a place that brings forth striking images from around the world, connecting the community of filmmakers and viewers. Intense discussions follow the films, much like during the festival's discussion platform, Inspiration Forum", says Marek Hovorka, the festival director. "The festival is accessible and open to all viewers, an opportunity to meet interesting personalities both on screen and in the audience," he adds.

Browse awarded films of 27 Ji.hlava IDFF here.

LineUp German documentary productions and co-productions:



Ji.hlava New Visions Forum: Europe 2023

The event is dedicated to the new generation of European producers, new formats, innovative trends, and visions for the future. The programme is open to diverse audiovisual formats, including the German production

  • MINDSCAPES by Lina Zacher, 30min, P: Delphine Bishop, Pylon Studio UG,
    What does a feeling look like, what does it sound like? Mindscapes is about the multifaceted emotional worlds of people with mental illness. Feelings such as panic, emptiness, despair, mania, euphoria, tension, and sorrow are explored, as four protagonists with diverse diagnoses share their experiences. On the basis of the images and sounds associated with the feelings of those affected, a sound designer and a motion designer create a sonic and visual level immersing the viewer deeply in the inner worlds of the protagonists and bringing them vividly closer to what is difficult to explain.



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October 30, 2023 PRESS RELEASE:

The Awards of the 27th Ji.hlava IDFF were presented at Jihlava's DKO on Saturday night! The Contribution to World Cinema award was presented to legendary Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr. The Opus Bonum Award for the most notable international documentary film was granted to Ship by Croatian director Elvis Leni?, while Photophobia by Ivan Ostrochovský and Pavol Pekar?ík took home the Best Czech Documentary award. The award for the Best Central and East European documentary went to to Polish film Distances by Matej Bobrik, the Best film from the Visegrad region is The Third End of the Stick by Slovak director Jaro Vojtek. The award for the Best Debut went to You Will Never See It All by Czech director Št?pán Pech and Maia Gattás Vargas from Argentina received the Award for original approach for her East Wind. The Czech director Nikola Klinger received the students' prize for La Reine. The jury of the Testimonies section appreciated Mighty Afrin: In The Time Of Floods by Greek director Angelos Rallis. The Best Experimental Documentary film is Silhouette by Japanese director Yoshiki Nishimura and The Commodity Catalogue by Zbyn?k Baladrán was named the Best Czech Experiment. The Short Joy Award went to Kata's Motherhood by Santwana Bayaskar from India, and Is There Any Place For Me, Please? by Jarmila Štuková was voted the audiences' favourite. See all awards and jury statements here.



Film submissions to the 28th Ji.hlava IDFF 2024 using the film submission form. June 30, 2024 | deadline for rough cuts and films that have not yet had a festival world premiere