The special mention of the Bydgoszcz Regional Bar Council for a film that addresses human rights issues goes to HOLLYWOODGATE by Ibrahim Nash'at.

"The author of the film, demonstrating great intuition, courage and responsibility, shows almost day by day the behind-the-scenes of the Taliban military regime taking over Afghanistan, which is gradually turning the country into a religious and patriarchal dictatorship, where disobedience is punishable by death.
The filmmakers managed to show in a brave yet artistically mature way the resistance of defenseless Palestinian villagers to the brutal violence of the Israeli army.
The silent heroes of this film are the citizens of Afghanistan, especially women, whose rights are systematically suppressed. The current authority, based on the principles of Sharia, restricts their right to be present in public life, bans their education at universities, work in NGOs, interferes with their clothing, controls every aspect of their lives, and reinstates corporal punishment and its public execution.
The artist, recording at risk and showing the world this case study of the birth of a dictatorship, penetrating with his camera into the very interior of the dictatorship and showing the mechanisms of power from the inside, stands up for all those citizens who are deprived of their rights by this power, and who have no possibility in their country to express any opposition." Statement of the Jury.

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