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D 2013 | 44 / 52 min
Rents have been exploding in Berlin, but it's not as bad as London or Paris yet. Students, families and pensioners can still live in the centre of Berlin. But affordable homes are getting scarce. International investors have also discovered the flat-trade in Berlin. The loosers of that boom are the tenants.
 The filmmakers house was bought by investors of a 'dynamic' estate company, who want to convert the rental flats into freehold flats. But sales don't override contracts, and  tenants in Berlin-Mitte have 7 years security of tenure. Katrin Rothe and her neighbours start to fight for their rights and against the gentrification. It's a new world dirctor is confronted with. It consists of accusations, pretence surveyor's appointments and provocations. Her lawyer says, she’s to ignore it all. But it's hard.
When the potential buyers attend her flat, the documentary continues with drawn and animated characters. The estate agent is getting more and more impatient while viewings. But also Katrin is getting more and more silent and anxious.

director's statement:
"...The global financial crisis started out as an American real-estate bubble. Now we have a real-estate boom, too. Worried investors no longer invest in stocks but in houses and flats, concrete gold. A little security in an uncertain world. I thought it was nothing to do with me until the day I received a refurbishment notification." ]


Original titleBETONGOLD
SubtitleWie die Finanzkrise in mein Wohnzimmer kam
CameraMartin Langner,
DirectorKatrin Rothe
SoundMartin Langner
Awards: 3sat Documentary Prize / Duisburger Filmwoche
Format: onlinefilm | MP4 | FLV-Stream
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