a film by Leon Geller, Marcus Vetter


Germany, Israel | 2008 | 89:00 min

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The Heart from Jenin is the story of Ahmed Chatib, a Palestinian boy shot by Israelis whose father decided, within twelve hours, to donate his son’s organs to six Israeli children so as to save their lives.
One and a half years have passed since then. What has Ismail al-Chatib, of the Jenin refugee camp, achieved with his peace gesture? To find out how Ismail’s deed changed the life of the recipients’ families, it is necessary to travel throughout Israel, from its northern hills on the Lebanese border, past the contended Holy City of Jerusalem, up to the edge of the Negev Desert in the south of the land.
The film is a trip through occupied territory and hearts occupied by prejudice. It leads us to the people who have learnt to overcome their prejudices and to oth-ers who still speak of the misfortune of having to live with the organ of an Arab. It is the story of a humanitarian peace gesture that seemed, for a short instant, to prevail over the insoluble conflict between Israel and Palestine.
2010 Deutscher Filmpreis LOLA 2010
2009 Valladolid International Film Festival "Time of History" 1st Preis
2009 International Filmfestival Leipzig DEFA Preis Beste Dokumentation
2008 Dubai International Filmfestival Peoples Choice Award
2009 Cinema for Peace Award Most Valuable Documentary of the Year
2009 Movies that Matters Amnesty International Audiance Award

2008 Jerusalem Film Festival
2008 61st Locarno International Film Festival
2008 Toronto International Film Festival
2008 Hamptons International Film Festival
2008 51st DOK Film Festival Leipzig
2008 Valladolid International Film Festival
2008 6th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival
2008 Dubai International Film Festival
2009 Doc Point Helsinki Documentary FF
2009 Cinema for Peace
2009 Amnesty Intern. Movies that Matters
2009 Yamagata IDFF
2009 Refugee Filmfestival Tokio
2009 Korean IDF
Cast and Crew
  • Director Leon Geller, Marcus Vetter
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