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Hong Kong Moments

by Bing Zhou

Hong Kong Moments

Hong Kong, Germany | 2020 | 90:00 min

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A emotional journey into the center of Hong Kong's democracy protests.

Hong Kong MOMENTS tells the stories of seven protagonists who live in the centre of the protests. With their different social backgrounds and political attitudes, they represent different hopes and dreams—a reflection of the geopolitical conflicts in the Hong Kong society that is increasingly divided…

The protest movement will remain in the history of Hong Kong. In three districts—Yuen Long, Tuen Mun and Hong Kong Island—protestors join forces and fight against the authorities. Through a multitude of perspectives this film tells the stories of seven protagonists: a protestor, a policeman, a first-aid worker, a pro-Beijing district councillor, a democratic community officer who wants to win the next election, a restaurant owner who supports the police and a taxi driver whose son fights in the streets. Each of them represents special hopes and dreams for Hong Kong—a city of economic power, a harbour between the Western world and China—and a place of longing for freedom, first under the British crown and now under the Chinese flag.

While the protests continue, our seven protagonists are confronted with the violence around them and their inner conflicts making it difficult to distinguish between good and bad. What decisions do they need to make to be able to hold on to their dreams in this battlefield? Exclusive access to activists and communal politicians gives insight into the complex history and self-understanding of the people in Hong Kong. They consider themselves to be ethnic Chinese and the young, self-confident generation are more than ever prepared to fight for democracy—regardless of the consequences…
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Cast and Crew
  • Director Bing Zhou
  • Producer Christian Beetz
  • Director of Photography Wade John Muller, Xue Ming, Qian Sha Lin, Cheuk Fan Chung, Chi Long Tang, Xu Jian Chen, Yi Bing Quan
  • Editor Hon Fan Kwok
  • Sound San Ting Chu, Yun Kwan Lam
  • Score Sonic Lee
Age Rating

rated 18

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Production Company
beetz brothers film production

Phone: +49 30 69566910

Phone: +49 40 414945729

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