Mengamuk Films
Mengamuk* Films' aim is to produce feature films, documentaries and artistic projects which tread new paths in form and content. These works should challenge conventional methods of film production just as much as they should cross the defining lines between various filmic and artistic forms of aesthetic expression.
Mengamuk Films sees film as an art form and instrument of aesthetic resistance. We seek to collaborate with filmmakers and artists who desire to contribute to the further development of this young art form and who share the opinion that art must not only be created out of an independent spirit, but must also assert itself furiously and passionately.
* In the Malay language, mengamuk means, roughly defined, “to make a furious and desperate charge”.
by Marcin Malaszczak
D 2014, 25 min
by Marcin Malaszczak
D 2013, 126 min
My Love Awaits Me by the Sea
by Mais Darwazah
D 2013, 80 min

Mengamuk Films
Brunnenstrasse 115
13355 Berlin [ Wedding ]

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