Roadside Dokumentarfilm
Roadside Dokumentarfilm is an independent film production company, based in the Ruhr Area, the Cultural Capitol of Europe 2010. We shoot and produce highgrade documentary films for cinema and TV for the international, european and german audience.

We put social, political or cultural subjects into the picture that are often not in the center of the public interest. For us, it is important to keep the balance between necessary distance and engaged cineastic story telling – right in the center of the action.

We attach importance to stay on eye level horizon with our protagonists. We don´t want to rise above people or the event described like omniscient storytellers.

By doing so, we want to stimulate the viewers to get interested and to encourage them, to have an analysis with the substance of the story told.
Shortcut to Justice
by Daniel Burkholz und Sybille Fezer
D 2014, 54 min
by Daniel Burkholz
D 2013, 62 min min

Roadside Dokumentarfilm
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