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ZeLIG is an institution dedicated to training people in the documentary film sector. As such, it represents a focal point for students, teachers and professionals in an international context.

Training in documentary film-making lies at the core of ZeLIG’s many interests. The three-year, full-time course in documentary film-making is tri-lingual (Italian-German-English), with majors in camera/lighting, editing/post-production, and directing/project development;

ZeLIG also offers a course for professionals in the social documentary field, ESoDoc, a European training initiative funded by the Media program;

ZeLIG’s continuous training efforts include courses for professionals held periodically;

ZeLIG organizes conferences, debates, film series, and is involved in important projects and collaboration on an international level.
Ape Maria
by Greta Mentzel
I 2004, 28 min
by Isabel Gruenwald
D 2008, 50 min
by Lars Gehrmann
D 2010, 35 min

Brennerstr. 20
39100 Bolzano

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