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D 2010 | 88 min
Die Schützes 2010

Die Schützes 2010
1989, the habitants of the GDR had hight expecations of the German-reunification. Also the Schuetze family from Zschopau were dreaming about a shop in the free-market economy. But their neighbours in Zschopau were jealous of the primarily success of the Schuetze family, they even them. Ten years, until 1999, we followed the Schuetze family on their efforts to survive in the new Germany. Now, 10 years later, we visit the family
again. The new movie ‘The Schuetzes - Unity and Right and Freedom!’ is a survaillance over 20 years and shows the past and present of German history, using the example of the Schuetze family.
Also the limitation of a filmmaker become apparent.
Original titleDie Schützes
SubtitleEinigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
CameraHans Albrecht Lusznat
DirectorWolfgang Ettlich
EditorKris Schröppel | Monika Abspacher
ScreenplayWolfgang Ettlich
Production Company
Mediengruppe Schwabing
Georgenstr. 121
80797 München [ Schwabing-West ]

Fon: +49 89 1236465
Fon: +49 89 1236499

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