D 2007 | 76/52 min

© 2007 Mo Asumang
The journey of the afro-german Mo Asumang started when she first heard the song that called for her murder “This bullet is for you, Mo Asumang” sang by the Neonaziband “White Aryan Rebels”. Instead of hiding Mo was driven by her desire to overcome her fears and to find out where this hate against Migrants and where Racism comes from. So she took her courage in both hands and meets Neonazis. She meets them in a prison as well as surrounded by 3000 Neonazis at a Nazirally and make a historical interview with Jürgen Rieger, one of the leaders of the rightwing scene. An intimate look into her family History makes clear how deep racism has already touched the lifes of her German Mother and Ghanaian Father.

On her search for Identity, Mo even follows the advice of the Neonazis to “Go back where you came from!” But in Ghana she is seen as a white person.

Roots Germania is a riskily Roadmovie between questioning pseudo-germanic ideas of right wing populists and finding Identity and self-confidence as a AFRO - GERMAN.

In the end Mo dares the confrontation with the leader of the Neonaziband.
Original titleRoots Germania
CameraFelix Leiberg
DirectorMo Asumang
EditorKarin Nowarra, Beatrice Babin
ScreenplayMo Asumang
Festivals: Hamburger Filmfest | achtung berlin - new berlin film award | Kasseler Dokfest | rwanda film festival, Rwanda | Écrans Noir, Jaoundé/ Kamerun | Dockanema, DokFilmfestival Mozambique | Deutsch-Chinesisches Dokfilmforum, China
Awards: Grimme Preis Nominierung
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