Alpenway Media Production GmbH
We are a new independent production company which creates documentaries and
corporate videos.

We are based in Munich, Germany but have an international leaning as our outlook
goes beyond borders.

We coordinate a team made up of professional directors, cameramen, editors and
musicians from Italy and Germany.
by Alessandro Melazzini
D 2014, 70:00 min
Munich, Italy - Stories of Arrival in Germany
by Alessandro Melazzini
D 2011, 55:00 min
Die italienische Art
by Angelo Bozzolini
D 2013, 100:00 min

Alpenway Media Production GmbH
Albrechtstr. 43
80636 M√ľnchen [ Neuhausen/Nymphenburg ]

Fon: +49 89 12011239
Fon: +49 163 7394968

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