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D 2009 | 90 min

© 2009 Herwarth Voigtmann
PROGRESS Filmverleih

© Herwarth Voigtmann
PROGRESS Filmverleih

© 2009 Herwarth Voigtmann
PROGRESS Filmverleih
Until a few years ago, neither scientists nor the public were aware that the Strait of Gibraltar was such a unique natural paradise: in no other place on earth you can find as many whale species living in such a confined area. But the strait is also one of the chokepoints of global trade with a volume of
shipping traffic unparalleled in the world. Where modern routes of transport and ancient migration routes meet, we witness a showdown of the ocean giants. Again and again, whales are run over, get caught in ship’s propellers, are poisoned by waste water or strand disoriented by the underwater noise pollution. Ten years ago, Katharina Heyer from Switzerland, a former fashion designer, moved into the region to fight for the Last Giants.

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Original titleTHE LAST GIANTS - Wenn das Meer stirbt
DirectorDaniele Grieco
Festivals: Festival Cine Eco (Portugal) | 6th Annual Artivist Film Festival (Hollywood) | 6th International Children's Film Festival Bangalore | Iran Film Festival
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