The awards were presented in a ceremomy on June 29 during the 2nd SWR DOKU FESTIVAL 2018, June 27—30 in Stuttgart.  The nominated documentaries are presented alongside others during the festival, with Q&A after the screenings.




 The German Documentary Award goes to  OF FATHERS AND SONS by Talal Derki, P: BASIS BERLIN Filmprod.

The STZ Leserjury Prize goes to SYSTEM ERROR by Florian Opitz, P: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH

The Supporting Award of HDF—Haus des Dokumentarfilms goes to SHUT UP AND PLAY THE PIANO by Philipp Jedicke, P: Rapid Eye Movies

The Award of the 'Norbert Daldrop Förderung für Kunst und Kultur' goes to THE POETESS by Stefanie Brockhaus, Andreas Wolff, P: Brockhaus/Wolff Films

The Prize of the Opus GmbH goes to CONNY PLANK – THE POTENTIAL OF NOISE by Reto Caduff, Stephan Plank, P: Sugar Town Filmprod.




The Nominees Deutscher Dokumentarfilmpreis | German Documentary Award 2018 are:


The Nominated Music Documentaries for the Prize of the Opus GmbH are:


Other Documentaries of the Program a.o.:

  • 1968MM by Felix Kriegsheim, Jerry Rothwell, Stefano Strocchi, P: BOEKAMP & KRIEGSHEIM
  • DIE AKTE OPPENHEIMER – Das dunkle Erbe antisemitischer Fake News | Jew Süß and The Long Shadow of Anti-Semitic Nazipropaganda by Ina Knobloch P: City Media
  • ALL DER JAZZ by Andreas Ammer, P: SWR
  • CHICKS ON BOARD (series) by Dörthe Eickelberg, P: LaBom, 
  • DEMOCRACY by David Bernet, P: INDI FILM
  • ESKIMO LIMON – Eis am Stiel, von Siegern und Verlierern by Eric Friedler, P: Bakery Films
  • INS SCHWARZE GETROFFEN – Die deutsche Blindenfußballnationalmannschaft by Rebekka de Buhr, Ulf Puntschuh, Bastian Wagner
  • KRIEG UND FRIEDEN by Artem Demenok, Andreas Christoph Schmidt, P: SCHMIDT & PAETZL
  • KÖNIG CLAUS – Peymanns Leben für das Theater by Andreas Ammer, P: SWR
  • KULENKAMPFF'S SHOES | KULENKAMPFFS SCHUHE by Regina Schilling, P: Zero One film GmbH
  • LOUIS ARMSTRONG by Harald Letfuß, P: SWR
  • REGGAE BOYZ by Till Schauder, P: Partner Pictures LLC
  • SANDMÄDCHEN | SANDGIRL by Mark Michel, P: worklights media production GmbH
  • SALAAM SCHALOM by Janos Fischer, Frieder Schmalzhaf
  • SPK COMPLEX by Gern Kroske, P: realistfilm
  • THE SUMMIT – PERFORMING G20 by Rasmus Gerlach, P:Kinoki GmbH
  • EIN TIER SCHAUT ZURÜCK by Dieter Zimmermann, P: Zimmermannfilm
  • WAS WAR LINKS by Andreas Christoph Schmidt (©2003)
  • WIR LASSEN DICH NICHT ALLEIN – Unerwegs mit dem Kriseninterventinsteam Stuttgart by Samuel Härtl
  • ZEUGEN GEGEN ASSAD by Tina Fuchs, P: Michael Hofmann
  • ZWISCHENSTATION by Alexander Bambach, P: Alexander Bambach 


Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg GmbH presents:

  • GALAMSEY by Johannes Preuss
  • HASSJÜNGER by Julia Knopp, Maximilian Damm
  • NOLLYWOOD (work in progress) by Johannes Preuss
  • UNGARISCHE WUNDEN by Cécilia Marchat
  • OF NEONAZIS AND SUPERHEROES | VON NEONAZIS UND SUPERHELDEN - Die Kleinstadt Themar und der Rechtsrock by Adrian Oeser



The 14th edition of this annual event for professionals focuses on the productions of non-fiction series. Authors, editors, directors and producers give an account of the making of these documentaries and series:


  • 1968mm a three-part series by Felix Kriegsheim, Jerry Rothwell, Stefano Strocchi, P: BOEKAMP & KRIEGSHEIM 
  • 18 – KRIEG DER TRÄUME | CLASH OF FUTURES an eight-part series by Jan Peter, Frédéric Goupil, P: LOOKSfilm & Les Films d’Ici
  • DER KRIEG UND ICH – Kindheit im 2. Weltkrieg | KIDS OF COURAGE – Childhood during WWII an eight-part series by Matthias Zirzow, P: LOOKSfilm
  • DAS KONGO TRIBUNAL | THE CONGO TRIBUNAL  by Milo Rau, P: Fruitmarket Arts & Media GmbH
  • WER WAR HITLER | THE HITLER CHRONICLES by Hermann Pölking-Eiken, P: EPOCHEmedia
  • HÖLLENTAL (AT work in progress) a six-parts series by Marie Wilke, P: Kundschafter Filmproduktion GmbH
  • THE PROMISE — Killing for Love by Marcus Vetter & Karin Steinberger, P: Filmperspektive GmbH

…and others. For the full program of 14th DOKVILLE please click here. For more information and updates please visit the website and/or the FB-Profile  


The PDF of the SWR DOKU FESTIVAL PROGRAMM 27-30 JUNE 2018 for download here.