Family Life

a film by Rosa Hannah Ziegler

Family Life

Germany | 2018 | 65:00 min

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Family Life shows every day life of Biggi (50), her teenage daughters Saskia and Denise and Biggis violent ex-spouse Alfred (55) as well as their 5 horses, their 6 dogs, the cats. They live isolated in an old farm house in a small village in eastern Germany. Each of them has troubles to getting along with life. They love to sing songs to express themselves, especially Biggi and Alfred. Both don’t have jobs and the two girls find always reasons to stay at home. They need each other and care for each other. Even there are often conflicts with Biggi and the girls, Alfred is longing for a common life. One day a change arises. A movie about the difficulties to break out of a circle. Family life with horses, dogs and cats, TV, PC and Smartphone.
68th Berlinale 48th Forum
15th dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg
SWR DOKU FESTIVAL, nominated for German Documentary Award 2018
Cast and Crew
  • Director Rosa Hannah Ziegler
  • Producer Roswitha Ziegler (Wendländische Filmkooperative)
  • Director of Photography Matteo Cocco
  • Sound Siegfried Fischer, Claas-Benjamin Berger, Thomas Mayr, Christian Grundey
  • Sound Design Clemens Endreß
  • Score  August Braatz
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Production Company
Wendländische Filmkooperative
Dickfeitzen 13, 29496 Waddeweitz

Phone: +49 5849 1225
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