Yves' Promise

a film by Melanie Gärtner

Yves' Promise

Germany | 2017 | 79:00 min

Original Title:
Yves' Versprechen

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52min. or 79min. | original French/German version with English subtites available

Frustrated by a corrupt system, Yves leaves his home in Cameroon to try his fortune in Europe. But to get there is more difficult than expected. Yves has been on the road for eight years – and is close to failing. Back home are the people who mean the most to him: his sister Annie, who has been holding the family together since Yves left, his little brother, waiting for Yves to take him to Europe, and his father, who expects him to lead the family to a better life. A film about family, the dream of Europe and the impossibility of giving up.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Melanie Gärtner
  • Director of Photography Melanie Gärtner, Pola Sell
  • Editor Christine Niehoff, Mirja Gerle
World Sales Company
Deckert Distribution GmbH
Marienplatz 1, 04103 Leipzig

Fax: +49 341 2156639

Phone: +49 341 2156638

Production Company
Alt-Bornheim 54, 60385 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 555817

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