• UP TO THE SKY- Hearst Tower, New York

    UP TO THE SKY- Hearst Tower, New York

UP TO THE SKY- Hearst Tower, New York

a film by Sabine Pollmeier

UP TO THE SKY- Hearst Tower, New York

Germany | 2010 | 78:00 min

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3x26min or 78min original English version | dubbed versions: German or French
New York, the city of skyscrapers. In the midst of this skyline one new tower is creating a furore. It is the Hearst Tower, built by the British architect Norman Foster. Norman Foster’s high-rise has been standing on the edge of Central Park since the end of 2006. The Hearst Tower rises 182 meters into the sky. A rather modest height. And soon this small-scale skyscraper may be overlooked on the dense New York skyline. If it were not for its facade! It looks like a polished diamond in the middle of the skyline. The Hearst Tower is New York’s first green skyscraper. The facade’s diagonal grid pattern, the so-called diagrid structure, consumes 20 per cent less steel than a comparable construction.
The structure is efficient - and it is also extremely elegant. “The most beautiful new skyscraper in Manhattan since 1967”, praised him the “New Yorker”.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Sabine Pollmeier (PARNASS FILM)
  • Producer Sabine Pollmeier (PARNASS FILM)
  • Director of Photography Björn Kurt
  • Editor Niki Thoma
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Production Company
Türkenstr. 84, 80799 München

Phone: +49 89 28778989

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