The Communist

a film by Andreas Goldstein

The Communist

Germany | 2018 | 72:00 min

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My father Klaus Gysi - Jew and communist - made his career in the former GDR after years of illegality in Nazi Germany. The fall of socialism burnt his life efforts in one brief moment. The film THE COMMUNIST tries to reflect on his failure from the viewpoint of my own experiences within this historical time. My fundamental historical experience is opportunism. 1990 people already forgot what they believed in the year before. So did my father, one of the leading operatives of the GDR, who now calls the state he worked for all his life a dictatorship which should have been prevented. A sudden change of heart which disturbed me and was the reason to make this movie.
61st DOK Leipzig
42nd Diusburger Filmwoche - Prize of City of Diusburg
16 dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg
Cast and Crew
  • Director Andreas Goldstein
  • Producer Andreas Goldstein, Heino Deckert
  • Director of Photography Jakobine Motz
  • Editor Chris Wright
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Production Company Filmproduktions GmbH
Gottschedstr. 18, 04107 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 9839696
Co-Production Company
OKTOBERFILM Goldstein & Binninger GbR
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