a film by Monika Hielscher, Matthias Heeder


Germany | 2014 | 90:00 min

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52 or 90min | DCP | HDcam | Blu-ray | original English/Spanish/Nepali/Arabic/Chinese/Italian with English or German
subtitles or German voice-over available
MONEY IN MINUTES tells of a lesser-acknowledged aspect of globalization: international work-related migration as the business foundation of financial service providers worldwide. According to World Bank estimates, around 420 billion US dollars will circle the globe in 2013, money that is earned in the affluent North by migrant workers and sent home to their families via companies that are specialized in money transfer, like Western Union and MoneyGram. Their money transactions produce the raw materials that convert into profit.
The film describes the incredible logistics and controversial strategies of an industry that shapes the financial infrastructure of migration, and uses it as an economic resource. The migrants will be shown as customers who, without any other alternative open to them, use a service provided.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Monika Hielscher, Matthias Heeder
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